Pope calls for one world government?

Please clarify what His Holiness actually said vs the sensationalism in the media. I hate to link to any of the numerous articles saying so, because I do not wish to spread scandal. I suppose I have to link to some article, since this is a news forum, so here is one written by someone “raised and educated” Catholic, who is at least somewhat fair to the Pope and the church. I ask because both liberal and conservative friends are using it as yet another excuse to attack the church on social media.

I usually don’t pay attention to people who say those kinds of things. They usually misrepresent or over exaggerate what His Holiness says.

One word: Freemasonry.

The article you linked is from 6 years ago and has no attribution in it aside from an article from the same source. Not that I’m unwary of globalism, mind you…

I didn’t even realize this was six years old. I didn’t think it was worth the time it took to click the link!

I only brought it up because it was recently going around Facebook from a less reputable news source than the one I posted. Likely, they recently wrote a “late to the game” article, or recently copied one from elsewhere. It was being used to attack the church. I just didn’t want to post that news source, so I found this similar article.

recycling old garbage! God Bless, Memaw

While I don’t think it is accurate to say the pope “called for” a “one world government” he has certainly made remarks more than once, and Benedict before him, regarding the multinational organizations-- like the UN-- needing more enforcement authority for various treaties, there have certainly been comments regarding oversight in an increasingly global and interconnected world.

It wouldn’t matter if the Pope DID call for a “one world government” (which he didn’t).

That would be a political theory, one that has as much merit as any other political theory. It has as much merit as the idea of sovereignty of little fiefdom nations. He is entitled to his opinion. Political structures are not a matter of faith and morals.

Moreover the comments the Pope HAS made aren’t actually political in nature but are focused on the moral imperatives governments have to solve large complex problems that we currently have in our world-- problems that exceed imaginary boundaries drawn on a map, problems that exceed one state’s ability to solve on its own.

Global cooperation as a moral imperative to protect and uphold human dignity is not a foreign concept to the Church, nor should we be afraid of it.


Others have addressed the issues with this claim, but in general, there is nothing wrong with a “one world government” provided it governed justly (including due regard for subsidiarity). In fact, it was seen as ideal in certain medieval circles (one God, one Pope, one Emperor). Opposing such a government in principle is basically an American Protestant/Evangelical thing.

That being said, it is certainly legitimate to be concerned that in this day and age it might be unlikely for such a government to act justly and therefore it may be prudent to forgo granting it further juridical authority.

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