Pope calls for peace in Ukraine ahead of Independence Day [CNA]

http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/images/size340/Pope_Francis_5_gives_the_Angelus_address_in_St_Peters_Square_on_August_9_2015_Credit_LOsservatore_Romano_CNA_8_9_15.jpgVatican City, Aug 23, 2015 / 07:57 am (CNA/EWTN News).- On Sunday the Holy Father again pleaded for peace in Ukraine as the nation faces ongoing cease-fire violations in a conflict that has claimed thousands of lives since early last year.

“With concern, I am following the conflict in eastern Ukraine, which has again worsened in recent weeks,” the pontiff said Aug. 23 during his weekly Angelus address.

“I renew my appeal that the commitments undertaken to bring about peace may be respected, and with the help of organizations and persons of good will, they might respond to the humanitarian emergency of the country.”

The Pope made these remarks from the papal palace to pilgrims and visitors gathered in Saint Peter's Square, one day ahead of Ukraine's national Independence Day.

The Holy Father's words come amid ongoing cease-fire violations, with one person having been killed and four others injured in clashes in Donetsk in the last 24 hours, according to Reuters.

Ukraine is also preparing for a parliamentary vote on Aug. 31 to amend their constitution and grant special status to regions in eastern Ukraine with pro-Russian leanings, the agency reported.

Beginning with street protests in November 2013, the conflict escalated early the following year, in events which included the overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovych and the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula by Russia.

More than 6,500 people, including civilians, have been killed in the fighting between Ukraine's military and pro-Russian separatists.  

“May the Lord grant peace to Ukraine, which prepares to celebrate its national holiday tomorrow. May the Virgin Mary intercede for us!” the Pope said.

Earlier this year at the Vatican, Pope Francis held a meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin, addressing the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

The June 10 meeting touched upon the need to pursue peace in Ukraine, the necessity to build dialogue, and the ongoing humanitarian situation.

Mention was also made of the serious humanitarian situation, with particular regard to the access of humanitarian workers to areas in need.

Putin has been a key player in the war in eastern Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian government and Western nations, Russian arms and soldiers are fighting alongside pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country.

Putin has denied that any Russian soldiers have entered Ukraine.


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I agree. There should be peace in Ukraine. There were disturbances in Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia and both situations were solved by having the country break up into separate regions. IMHO, this is what should be done to Ukraine and allow the Russian speaking sector of Ukraine (where the majority speak Russian, in the east) to separate from Western Ukraine, where there are too many ultra-nationalists who want to deny the Russian speaking population the right to speak in their native tongue.

Remind me of where there was guerrilla warfare in Czechoslovakia? There wasn’t.

Remind me of the peaceful break up of Yugoslavia? Oh, wrong again.

Putin, Russia and the USSR have long supported the Assad regime accused of genocide in Syria, there has been no oppression of the Russian speaking minority and they don’t care to separate in Ukraine.

There is no reason to sugarcoat the past, the Russians and Kremlin with Stalin and others of varying ethnicity, committed genocide against the Ukrainians.

Today, Ukrainians live in Eastern Ukraine, they may speak Russian but let’s not fall for Russian repeated propaganda that they are Russians, they are Ukrainians. Let’s not sugarcoat this with falsehoods as well.

All the same, a French Priest exposed the genocide against Jews in Ukraine, it is in the Daily Mail today, I won’t link to it because the story is too graphic, the Nazis apparently were in charge of the operations.

Yugoslavia did not break up peacefully. There were various civil wars going on.

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