Pope calls woman killed for the faith in Syria a ‘martyr’


VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis says one of the refugees he met on the Greek island of Lesbos was the Muslim widower of a Syrian Christian woman killed by extremists for refusing to renounce her faith.

Francis told the faithful in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday that “she is a martyr.”

Departing from his prepared remarks, Francis shared his experiences of the day earlier with thousands of people gathered for his blessing. He says among the 300 refugees he greeted Saturday on Lesbos was a Syrian widower, under 40 years old, with two children.

The pope said: “He is Muslim, and he told me that he married a Christian girl. They loved each other and respected each other. But unfortunately the young woman’s throat was slashed by terrorists because she didn’t want to deny Christ and abandon her faith.”



Recently attended a lecture on Islam. The speaker stated that there have been more Muslims converting to Christianity in the last 40 years then in the last 1400 years. Maybe this is God’s way…on the blood of martyrs. And maybe this family will convert.



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I would have to agree with Pope Francis. If she was killed for refusing to renounce her faith in Christ then she was a martyr. May she rest in peace.


I didn’t realize the families he took back were Muslim refugee families. that was a nice gesture by Pope Francis.


I mean, yeah, that’s kind of what a martyr is.


Yes it was a nice gesture, but that’s about all. The Holy Father will, in all likelihood, never be personally responsible for their care and well being. One of his underlings will have to do that. It’s easy to be merciful when it is not coming out of your pocket.

Then he’ll encourage others of the faith to do the same; completely oblivious to the impracticalities of ordinary people actually doing it.


I understand he will not be directly involved in finding lodging for these families or that he will personally be financing them (does the Pope even receive a salary?) so there will be no hardship for him to do this, but he is trying to make a small difference in some way and relieve the suffering of these 3 families.


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