Pope: Children deserve to be raised by a mother and father


Yes they do!


Thank God our Popes have continued to proclaim this truth, in spite of the weirdness that has entered society’s thinking!


For some reason, probably me, I cannot get the youtube to work properly. I keep getting an overlap of a local story.

Is there a print copy of this important message – which I could read and then use as a resource for my off CAF work? Is there a citation for another news source?

Thank you.


Thank you.

This is the print version I found.

What I had hoped to find was Pope Francis talking about one of the anthropological facts. For example. In ancient times, (Genesis 1: 26-28) the family, in its fullest sense, is related to the survival of human nature, per se, as described by the Catholic Church.

However, that may be off topic because of the additional issues regarding the marriage of Adam and Eve as the first parents of a true family. ???

From link.
*"Family is an anthropological fact - a socially and culturally related fact. We cannot qualify it based on ideological notions or concepts that only survive during a certain point in time, but eventually they crumble. We can’t think of conservative or progressive notions. Family is a family. It can’t be qualified by ideological notions. Family is per se. It is a strength per se.” *

Questo è così vero. Ringrazio il Papa per questo discorso.

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