Pope condemns possession of nuclear weapons

Don’t preserve it - help to make it great and good.

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I like that idea.

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That’s grand. I agree. But you can’t honestly say that the foreign interference of the USA is part of that. The US needs to stop interfering in the Middle East and around the world, except maybe when it comes to the likes of Kim Yong Un and the like. The US interference in the Middle East has brought about an even worse situation there. Most of it is not even about the good of the people but about oil.

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Did the Mid East have a role to play in anything that has taken place? Has this “interference” brought any good with it? The life style in the MidEast hasn’t been doing very well for most people for an awfully long time - can there be some reason that would explain more that the US made it worse? The MidEast found they had a lot of oil, worth a lot of money, when President F.D. Roosevelt offered to buy some - maybe that caused everything. Maybe the MidEast should just get out of the oil business and go back to doing whatever they were doing?

Better question, is the US acting in a Christian manner toward the Middle East?

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Hate them or like them, the notion of disarming is silly. Even if there were an accident, they would not go away completely. The ONLY way to get rid of them is to render them obsolete by perfecting a defense against them.

I thought we were on the way of doing that until the hypersonic missiles came out. It is hard to imagine creating an effective defense against something like that anytime soon.

The US has finished testing its own hypersonic missiles – two programs actually. They are using very old technology. The X-15 manned rocket plane exceeded Mach 6 in the 1960s.

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Leaked information to scare Congress into funding the new missile gap.

More leaked information to create fear.

Nay, we are simply dealing with the same irresponsibility, malpractice, not transparency, and the desire to prove to the world that everything is in order, and a superpower called the Russian Federation is a continuation of the pseudo-USSR… and they are stepping on the same rake.

Sometimes the Kremlin authorities with a grimace have to lie later to the public that supposedly posthumous heroes prevented a catastrophe, etc.
or they simply say to the public, as after Chernobyl that they always used to say - there is nothing to worry about.

America and Europe will pay for flirting with Putin, because history unfortunately teaches nothing.
Putinism is dangerous for the world precisely technologically.
Perhaps the incidents that happen are a retribution for Putins nuclear blackmail.
And citizens of the state who are far from democracy are hostages in their own country. After a recent incident, have fishermen heard, for example, that fishing is prohibited for both fishing and selling?
Who is responsible that thousands of fishermen will actually be left without a livelihood?
The West is talking with Putin in diplomatic language, but in reality we are dealing with a dangerous monster and the stronger it is, the more dangerous it is for the world.

Oh please. More scare tactics, no substance.

The Pope can’t condemn the use of nuclear weapons. The Pope can disagree with the use of them since we all have opinions. But the Vatican can’t ban them.

That’s not the topic.

MAD is a successful deterrent, because other nations know, that if they were to attack, and the U.S. or Russia thought them a sufficient threat, the nation could be entirely wiped off the map and turned into a pool of molten slag. This is the reality, if we disarm, Russia, or China, or anywhere else could invade, or straight up wipe us off the map. This is a substantiative threat, and so must be treated as such. That’s not to say that it wouldn’t be ideal to disarm, but we need all parties to disarm together, and we need sufficient other means to deter foreign threats.

I am hopeful that with the deployment of beam weapons, on land and aboard naval ships, that it will begin to render certain weapon delivery platforms unusable. As the power of lasers for combat use increases, the launch of ICBMs and nuclear tipped cruise missiles will soon see them unable to make it to any target of any distance. Overhead surveillance has increased and improved. Even at Mach 5, or 5 times the speed of sound, a laser moving at the speed of light will hit and have enough time on target to destroy it/shoot it down.

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