Pope congratulates Biden

How very sad.


Oh, for crying out loud… :roll_eyes:


Wasn’t joe Biden refused the sacraments? Labeled “not in good standing”. *sigh.


The Pope, both this one and previous ones, welcomed many figures of varying political stances on topics such as abortion and gay rights. To act like this is newsworthy is to think that America is the world, which it is not. There’s a big world out there besides the United States.


Biden is a Catholic in good standing. He and Pope Francis seem to get along quite well. I am sure they are both looking forward to working together.



Out of curiosity… ah nah forget it. Fine. Whatever. Catholics can be publicly pro-abortion in good standing and publicly perform same-sex ‘marriage’ ceremonies in good standing and publicly campaign against religious freedom in good standing. Sure.

Woohoo, no one is capable of ever doing anything ever that puts them in bad standing with the Catholic Church. It’s a social club not a religion, after all. Let’s get with the program and throw out those pesky doctrines. Let’s follow politicians instead of Christ the king.

Nice to know it’s literally impossible for me to cease to be in good standing with the Catholic Church.

And no public repentance EVER needed for my manifest public sins! Why, I should preach this good news more clearly by committing even more sins even more publicly just to try to come close to Biden’s and really highlight how unimportant repentance is! What a great gospel, the gospel of apathetic indifferent everything-is-fine and wrongdoing-doesn’t-exist.

Glory be and yay.


America is the only place that matters. :smiley: if America goes down it’s taking the world down with it.

I doubt it. Most likely we’d see massive changes in other countries, yes, but who knows, they might be for the better. It would certainly be better for the citizens here. Maybe get back to a system like the Articles.


Who are you trying to fool?


Next thing you know the pope will tell him he’s welcome to attend Masses, pray, and receive blessings.

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Nope, he’s in good standing in his own diocese. Receives Communion afaik. And I’m certain Cardinal Gregory will consider him in good standing in Washington DC as well.

The clergy who denied him Communion or said they would are from dioceses where he doesn’t reside. They don’t have any jurisdiction over him unless he happens to show up at public Mass there, which he likely won’t.

You have no idea what he says in confession or what his priest tells him in confession or personal counseling.

Stop trying to find a way to kick Joe Biden out of the Church. It’s not going to work.


I think there is something to be said for rigorously applying the rules of the Church to him. Especially considering the responsibility he bears. I don’t expect the Pope will excommunicate him, but my opinion stands until someone changes it.


Here’s Joe and the family leaving Mass last Sunday.


To be fair, the same could be said of many a politician. Appearances, and all.


He and other Bidens go there regularly during the last four years when he wasn’t in office. He didn’t just start recently. He lives about 5 minutes away from the church.

I used to go to that church a few times a month before the pandemic hit and they shut down for 2 months and then did away with their noon daily Mass.

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As I said, appearances and all. They’re politicians.

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I don’t think you’re an expert on what’s in a man’s heart, especially one who’s as old as Joe and knows he could die soon.

But of course, that’s never stopped anyone on CAF from making with the judgments.


Neither are you.

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I’m not the one saying bad things about the man. Muting you now. Adios.


Lol gotcha. Adios. Be sure to say a prayer for Joe’s victims in Honduras.

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