Pope Consecrates World to Immaculate Heart


This Fatima-based message, “God wishes to establish in the world devotion to [the] Immaculate Heart” and her wish to have Russia consecrated to her Immaculate Heart as the “only” means to a period of peace," was followed by a sermon urging we stabilize our familial relations by using the phrases, “I’m sorry,” “Thank you,” and “Pardon me.” Without this collegial consecration by Peter and all bishops in their respective cathedrals, publicly, and at the same, solemn time, Our Lady prophesied correctly that Russia would “continue to spread her errors leading to the annihilation of nations.” So what is the impediment to consecrating “Russia” by name in all our cathedrals? I’m mystified, watching the war memorial shows, watching Russia usurp Ukraine, watching the legalized slaughter of abortion propagated by Russia whose females now have multiple abortions to the point they are demographically in danger as is the rest of the world following this trend? Why won’t we pull the trigger on this consecration? How many millions must die? When will our mourning turn to gladness? May we “hear and obey” whole-heartedly, pure-heartedly, in honoring the Immaculate Heart. “Pray the daily Rosary for peace.”

I follow the “Fatima Consecration Debate” fairly closely, and more and more, the words of St. John of the Cross come to mind. This is a paraphrase, but they go something like, “The devil rejoices when people seek private revelation”.

I don’t think that means ones approved by the Church but ones that we think tell us things we shouldn’t do, such as mediums, fortune telling and seeking after our own personal experience. We should be very cautious and seek help if it does happen. The devil can fool even the smartest of people. God Bless, Memaw

Yes, the devil certainly can. He can use even something like Our Lady’s appearances at Fatima to sow discord and distrust.

Jerurussia, the Vatican has said the consecration was done. And Sr. Lucia, who should know better than anyone, agreed.

I personally have a hard time believing in Fatima and I don’t read much about it so forgive my ignorance. What does it mean exactly to consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart?

I am similarly confused as well. Back when I just started attending Catholic Mass, the priest gave a homily about Our Lady of Fatima and how only she can obtain peace through her Immaculate Heart. I was still mostly Protestant, so it kind of made me uneasy.

Does it mean only her intercession is powerful enough to obtain such a request from God?

Oh dear me the misinformation about Russia in this post would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

Preceded by appearances of the “Angel of Peace” who urged penance and prayer for the three children-seers of the apparition of Our Lady of the Rosary, the Virgin Mary promised to appear on the 13th of consecutive months ending on October 13, 1917. Her principle message was: “God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart.” Love conquers all so this conforms to the Bible; and the date of the 13th parallels Queen Esther’s reversal of the planned genocide of the Jews.

The Proto-Evangelium, “Pre-Gospel” as Genesis 3:15 is called, empowers the Woman & Seed to wage war against Satan and his minions. The Virgin Mary issue is not secondary; but is a central fundament in the economy of salvation. So God brought this battle to the fore, asking for the consecration, a formal dedication, of Russia to the Immaculate Heart by those empowered to do so: Peter; and all the bishops. The Virgin Mary is obedient to Christ’s Church. Only upon this world-wide consecration in all cathedrals at one, solemn, public time, has the Virgin Mary promised to convert Russia. Otherwise Russia, we were warned, would continue to spread her errors leading to the “annihilation of nations.” Communism alone instigated genocidal slaughter greater than all wars since history was recorded.

Russia, now a superpower, was thought too weak and distant to pose any threat but the Bolsheviks took power around two weeks after her final October 13th appearance… Her final apparition was crowned with the “Miracle of the Sun” viewed by 100,000 believers and skeptics alike; and the three children saw her in various offices, culminating in the Virgin Mary showing herself as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in full Carmelite habit, holding the Infant King of Kings and flanked by Saint Joseph.

She returned to the seer-turned-nun Sister Lucia in 1929 to ask for the consecration at the time Stalin was initiating the Holodomor, the mass starvation of millions in Ukraine. There have been many consecrations but none were universal AND mentioned Russia by name. As there have been many consecrations, may we do more until we can all be able to attend the public universal collegial consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart in our cathedrals. Our Lady’s conversion of eight million Aztecs who were ready to revolt but had a change of heart with the Virgin of Guadalupe relic shows she can do what she promised in obedience to and for the honor and glory of the Most Holy Trinity. Private revelations are not binding on the Church. Our enlightened self-interest should prompt us to hear and obey fully as the various consecrations of the world; or by Peter alone; have not inspired her intervention.

The best Fatima information is from Sr. Lucia in her memoir, FATIMA IN LUCIA’S OWN WORDS. “Pray the daily Rosary for peace.” --Our Lady of the Rosary at Fatima
And with her final appearance as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, being inducted into the confraternity and wearing the brown wool Scapular of Mt. Carmel would be wise, showing ourselves servants of the Handmaid of the Lord by wearing her habit.

I’m just finishing up a short book about Fatima. Yes, it is true that the Vatican has said the consecration was done; however, Sr. Lucia, in at least two written documents to high-level clergy (I think one was to an Archbishop, and the other to a Papal Nuncio, but I’d have to re-check this) stated that the consecration was **not **done. At least 3 priests were told the same by Sr. Lucia. There is also some evidence that she was silenced about speaking of this subject. So, there is a possibility that Our Lady’s request was not fulfilled.

It’s always been fascinating that Pope Pius XII walking in the Vatican garden had the vision of seeing the “Miracle of the Sun”. zenit.org/en/articles/pius-xii-saw-miracle-of-the-sun

If it hasn’t been done, isn’t it in everyone’s best interest to get it done asap?

If true, what possible reason is there to delay any further?

By silence, as in under holy obedience, she wasn’t allowed to speak?

Another request made by Our Lady of Fatima
to all of us
was to
pray the Rosary every day.
I think we ought to do our part, too.


This seems to be old news or at least fairly old. Nevertheless, I am so glad that Pope Francis did this. I remember reading about this some time ago. It is a good thing when things like this are done.

Story is from last October

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