Pope converting jew to judism?


I am conversing with a woman who claims this, is there anyone who has any information on this or can point me to where I can find some. TIA


I’m confused by your question… how can someone convert a Jew to Judaism? That’s like converting a Christian to Christianity…


I’ve never heard this, but he did say all of Israel is called to convert to Christ:

In choosing the Twelve, introducing them into a communion of life with himself and involving them in his mission of proclaiming the Kingdom in words and works (cf. Mk 6: 7-13; Mt 10: 5-8; Lk 9: 1-6; 6: 13), Jesus wants to say that the definitive time has arrived in which to constitute the new People of God, the people of the 12 tribes, which now becomes a universal people, his Church.

Appeal for Israel

With their very own existence, the Twelve - called from different backgrounds - become an appeal for all of Israel to convert and allow herself to be gathered into the new covenant, complete and perfect fulfilment of the ancient one. The fact that he entrusted to his Apostles, during the Last Supper and before his Passion, the duty to celebrate his Pasch, demonstrates how Jesus wished to transfer to the entire community, in the person of its heads, the mandate to be a sign and instrument in history of the eschatological gathering begun by him. In a certain sense we can say that the Last Supper itself is the act of foundation of the Church, because he gives himself and thus creates a new community, a community united in communion with himself.



Thanks for your replies–I didn’t understand this claim either. This woman claims that the last 4-5 popes were not popes and she uses this as an example. I had never heard anything like this. I will try and get more information on this from her.



If she’s claiming that the last 4-5 Popes weren’t really Popes, then she’s most likely part of a subset of people typically referred to as “sedevacantists” (latin: “sede vacante”: “the See is vacant”). They are by no means strongly united and they consist of different groups, some of whom follow their own “popes” who are elected or self-declared. By and large they believe that they are the only “true Catholics” today. Some maintain that there is no current pope. But the main thing they agree on is that the current Bishop of Rome, Benedict XVI, and the bishops of Rome before him going back to John XXIII (some say even to Pius XII) are not valid popes. They hold that the Second Vatican Council was heretical, its teachings invalid, etc., etc.

First of all, if this woman is claiming that a recent Bishop of Rome taught something heretical in regards to Judaism, then she is going to have to show you some evidence to support her claim.

Secondly, it is more than likely that she will just cite some abuse (or perceived abuse) of ecumenism that took place under a recent Pope, something that may not have even occurred with the knowledge or approval of the Pope but was carried out by a wayward Cardinal or some such thing.

Or, she might cite the encylical Nostra Aetate, which some sedevacantists claim contains error in regards to the Church’s traditional teaching on the Jews/Judaism.


Perhaps there was some text that condemned ‘jews’ and the pope is changing it to ‘judaism’ because one is an ethnic group whereas the other is a religion. People can find the strangest things to get fired up about!


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