Pope denounces ‘homicidal madness’ after attacks in Berlin, Ankara


Pope denounces ‘homicidal madness’ after attacks in Berlin, Ankara cnstopstories.com/2016/12/20/pope-denounces-homicidal-madness-after-attacks-in-berlin-ankara


The Pope actually said the “homicidal madness of terrorism,” but the title of the article somehow deletes the word “terrorism.”


I wish the Pope would call on people to pray, as Pope Pius V did for the Battle of Lepanto and as these cardinals did after the attack on a university in Kenya:

Cardinal Njue urged worshippers to commit themselves to praying for peace and security in the country.

"We need to constantly invoke God’s name, following common attacks in the country by the al-Shabaab militia group, including the most recent one at Garissa,” the cardinal said…

He reminded Christians that Christ was persecuted and suffered for the sake of people’s sins and told them never to give up even in the face of terror.


I am glad he spoke out against it.


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