Pope doesn't get paid?


Can anyone verify this information? It’s an old article about Pope’s income. In this case Pope John Paul II. Since he is gone, and now Pope Benedict XVI has the office. I would assume also that he has no income according to the article:


Pope John Paul II (bio - news) does not know what his salary is-- if indeed he is paid-- his spokesman has revealed.

Last week, as he outlined the financial accounts for the Holy See during the 2000 fiscal year,** Cardinal Sergio Sebastiani was taken off guard by a question about the Pope’s salary**. The cardinal said that he assumed the Pontiff received a salary, like every other cleric.

But in comment to the press on July 7, papal spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls said: “John Paul II is not aware of-- and never has been aware of-- any salary.”

“The relevant agencies of the Holy See provide for the daily needs and activities of the Pope,” Navarro-Valls explained. He added that money donated to the Pope is “devoted to the needs of the Church, respectful of the intentions of the donors.”


Hello, All!

  The way I see it is this:  If the pope is fed, clothed, and housed, then why would he need a salary?  When would he have time to go shopping?  He probably doesn't even need to go shopping with all the gifts that he gets from people.  

   I do have one semi-related question, though.  What if I wanted to be nice and send an "Old Navy" or "Sears" gift card to good ol' Pope Benedict so he could buy some khakis and a polo shirt to hang out in on his day off (if he has one)?  Could he even use it?  Poor guy, every time I see him he's wearing all those heavy robes!  That's got to get old after a while.  So, what is the pope allowed to wear when he wants to just kick back and relax?  

  I wonder if the pope has personal shoppers to go to the grocery store for him and stuff like that.  Well, I suppose he could mail order a lot of stuff.  I mean, when the Pope is out, people expect him to preach and bless and pray over people.  He'd get mobbed at the grocery store if he did try to go and buy himself some bananas.  



What does the Pope need that he would require money? The church provides for him. He will be Pope until he dies and he will always be provided for.


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