Pope dons a red clown´s nose

Pope shows his sense of humour as he dons a red nose to congratulate newlyweds who volunteer with clown therapy charity

Found it very charming :slight_smile:


I found it classy.:thumbsup:

Guess i saw the smiley as a candid smile, not one of embarrasement. Just changed it to avoid misinterpretations.

I hear you.:thumbsup:

I know it’s the Daily Mail so I shouldn’t expect any better, but wow, what a horrible, anti-Catholic article. I found this bit particularly offensive:

“He has apparently set about making the Catholic church more relevant to the modern era, asking questions of centuries-old doctrines like the celibacy of priests, opposition to homosexuality and contraception, and the secondary position of women in the church.”


I might be naive but usually tend to think those remarks are based on ignorance rather than agenda. I´m probably wrong though :frowning:

What I like about the photo is how everyone seems to be posing and looking at the camera while the Pope remains focused on the couple. Just a small observation I enjoyed.

Yeah, its a nice photo, everyone looks very happy.

Sorry, didn’t intend to bash your thread, or the topic, just the way this particular article is worded :o

I didn’t even bother reading the article. I just had to see the picture of Pope Francis wearing a clown nose. :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to order a picture of Pope Francis with a clown nose, there are a couple dozen different shots available from one of the Vatican photographers:

[fotografiafelici.com/index.php?page=scripts/inserimento&num_file=266&cerimonia=10772 05 Udienza Generale novelli sposi&data=2013-11-07 17:47:57&cod=844&language=ING&n_page=6#foto](“http://fotografiafelici.com/index.php?page=scripts/inserimento&num_file=266&cerimonia=10772 05 Udienza Generale novelli sposi&data=2013-11-07 17:47:57&cod=844&language=ING&n_page=6#foto”)


I guess I appreciate the thought because I know the Pope has good intentions.

But CLOWNS!?!?!??! :eek: Ick.

Thanks for sharing this photo and article about Pope Francis enjoying the people of the world. What a joy to find a true people’s pope that loves all people just as Jesus loves all people.

I’m so joyous that we have Pope Francis now and that he’s from the Society of Jesus - Jesuits!

Pope Francis will bring many to find Jesus…

Jesus love is universal and I find this same universal love in Pope Francis’ appeal to the people of the world.

Love from beautiful, peaceful, Oskaloosa, Kansas - USA

What’s clown therapy? Is it scary?:eek:

Don’t say that. People will start posting links to YouTube videos of clown Masses. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eek. The clown masses are coming!


No worries :thumbsup:

That’s a scary thought.

But at least it would be a Mass. So the image below is WAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY scarier!!!

:eek: What is it about clowns that can be so unsettling?

Some guy covered in paint and strange clothing giving an apparently creepy smile trying to make you laugh is frightful. :eek::eek::eek:

Settle down people:

Clown therapy is extremely important in hospitals for really sick (maybe dying, probably in pain, and probably scared) kids.


I don’t have a problem with clown therapy in hospitals. But after seeing the disgraceful videos of liturgical abuse, it is understandable that the title of this thread may strike an unpleasant chord refreshing our sad memories. I would have been more sensitive to that when giving title to my thread on a Catholic forum. But clowns have been given a bad name by some, too. There is a place for clowns and our Holy Father was acknowledging the good that this service can do.

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