Pope Emeritus says interreligious dialogue no substitute for mission


Pope Emeritus says interreligious dialogue no substitute for mission

By FRANCIS X ROCCA on Friday, 24 October 2014

Benedict XVI has said that dialogue with other religions is no substitute for spreading the Gospel to non-Christian cultures, and warned against relativistic ideas of religious truth as “lethal to faith.” He also said the true motivation for missionary work is not to increase the church’s size but to share the joy of knowing Christ.

The retired pope’s words appeared in written remarks to faculty members and students at Rome’s Pontifical Urbanian University, which belongs to the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. Archbishop Georg Ganswein, prefect of the papal household and personal secretary to the Pope Emeritus, read the 1,800-word message aloud on October 21, at a ceremony dedicating the university’s renovated main lecture hall to the retired pope.
The speech is one of a handful of public statements, including an interview and a published letter to a journalist, that Benedict XVI has made since he retired in February 2013.

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I miss that dude.

Pope Francis is Pope, and is a blessing, but we continue to be also blessed by the Pope Emeritus’ insights.

I miss him too…I think a guy like Francis is good, but might just need a reminder like this…

Me too. :frowning: He was a big part of why I came home to the Church. Of course, I like Francis too (we have to always add that when praising BXVI, don’t we?), but Benedict will always hold a special place in my heart (and my mind!). What a brilliant man.

I recall seeing an article earlier this saying that Francis said this same exact thing. The so-called “traditionalists” always seem to be scheming against Francis, waiting for him to say something that proves he’s a Modernist. And then when evidence comes up that he’s not, they brush it under the rug.

To those who are romantic about BXVI’s papacy, I was loyal to him as well. But Francis has brought about much-needed change. I, for one, got tired of having to explain away the abuse scandal and misappropriations of the Vatican Bank. Francis has shaken up a complacent hierarchy.

The so-called traditionalists did the same thing to BXVI. As far as the abuse scandal, try mentioning anything about the Church’s sexual ethics, I’m sure you’ll be confronted with the sex scandal again, and again, and again. I know I constantly am.

I came back to the Church during BXVI’s papacy. I tried reading and listening to him, but a lot of his statements were to wordy for me to understand. All I could really get was soundbites. My only thought when reading volume one of Jesus of Nazareth was: “say what?” :confused:

And yes; if I could write a book refuting those who criticize the Church’s sexual ethics, I would title it: “How I Learned to stop worrying and love the straw man”.

But I digress. Back to the original statement.

Yes, and to corruption in the Church and the social systems in the world, in government and economics, I LOVE the man!!!

it makes sense that traditionalists will prefer a pope who defends church doctrine and those who want the Church to react to popular culture will want a pope who downplays those doctrines that are unpopular with popular people.

I came back to the Church when Benedict was pope. I have to admit I wasn’t a big fan and I was very excited by Pope Francis. I read two of the Jesus of Nazareth books so far and they made me a fan of his. They aren’t easy reads and I didn’t get everything. I do plan on reading all three starting in Advent. I hope to get more out of them this time. He really is a beautiful writer. I’d like to do a re-reading of the Gospels before I start but I’ve been dragging my feet :o

What I’ve noticed is that people ignore Francis when he upholds doctrines. A few quotes from him:

“Every child deserves to have a mother and a father.”

“Attempts to redefine marriage and family are machinations of the father of lies”.

“Jesus Christ cannot be found outside the Catholic Church.”

“Those who do not have Mary as their mother are orphans”.


This thread is wandering. This isn’t a thread comparing Francis with Benedict. The topic of the thread is what Pope Emeritus Benedict said and was trying to teach.

Please get back on topic

True. Not to mention when he warned of False Prophets, said the ruling class gets in the way of salvation, says the devil is real, needs to be fought, warns that satan wants division, says envy is of satan, and more…

I love Benedict. That is all.

Pope Benedict’s teaching is always Orthodoxy. He is one of the best Popes in history in my opinion.

The depth of knowledge and vision Pope Emeritus has in ecclesiology and the mission of the Church is remarkable. Fr. Maximilian Heinrich Heim’s book touching on the topic is one of my favorites.

Too bad the ‘do protestants need to be converted’ thread was deleted. This teaching from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI would have been been very applicable.

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