Pope Francis' 2nd encyclical released (includes link to full text) [CC]

The Holy See has published the text of Pope Francis’s second encyclical letter, Laudato Si’, subtitled "on care of our common home."The encyclical, dated May 24 (Pentecost Sunday) and …


Thread for non-Catholic thoughts on Pope Francis’ encyclical.
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Link to the .pdf, downloaded in about 5 seconds for me, YMMV.


“Climate change is a global problem with grave implications: environmental, social, economic, political and for the distribution of goods,” he wrote. “It represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day.”

Wow. He was thorough, passionate, smart, and detailed.
The pope did great.

Here’s the NYTimes in-depth analysis.



I do not see a Latin version!!
What was the language of the original document from which others were translated?

Long past due I thought really, I do think something like this should have bee published twenty years ago. While intriguing a read I do wish he hadn’t used it as a chance to talk about abortion again and just focused on the main topic. We all know what Catholics think about abortion, and while a pressing issue for you I fear it will just lead many to dismiss the rest of the contents of this encyclical (“Oh here we go again eyeroll I thought this was about the environment…”) without reading through an otherwise interesting, if long overdue piece.

The sad thing is though I don’t think Catholics who are in any position to try and uphold the contents of this encyclical will do so. Just look at the kind of scorn Santorum who’s received awards from the Vatican itself is freely pouring upon it already. That would upset the wealthy republican right, and I don’t see many wealthy Catholics willing to do that :o .

My trips to the states left me with the impression that a unofficial requirement of “Orthodox Catholicism” was to vote a pro-life Republican candidate, and they’re not really known for being environmentalists.

Well intentioned, but I don’t think it will have any lasting meaning or impact honestly.

As the chief pastor and shepherd, the Holy Father’s encyclical will be food for thought and guidance for Catholics in the many days and years ahead. Thankfully it receives wide publicity. A good teaching will always do for a fallen world; not that it will always listen to it but that the Pope has made a stand on the issue.

Mgr Kikuchi tells AsiaNews that “Pope Francis’ encyclical confirms the efforts of the Church in Japan. All the faithful have a duty to do something for Mother Earth. We must act to protect the lives of future generations.” He also focuses on the power of developed countries and financial institutions, on the lifestyle of modern society and nuclear energy.


A.K. Merchant, national trustee at the Lotus Temple in Delhi, spoke to AsiaNews about the “green” encyclical. For him, its “overarching message” is that “the fair management of the global commons is one of the most important tasks of the 21st century.”


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