Pope Francis accepts Peres' invitation to visit Israel

President Shimon Peres invited Pope Francis on Tuesday to visit Israel, at his first meeting with the new pontiff who has appealed for peace in the Middle East.


Apparently President Shimon Peres of Israel also visited Pope Francis in the Apostolic Palace at Vatican City. I don’t know for sure if that is what happened or not though as my reading comprehension isn’t the best so if I am wrong, please correct me.

That said, I do hope that when Pope Francis chooses to visit Israel (the article said that a date has not yet been set) that he can help with the situation in Israel. I am hoping that Hezbollah will stop attacking Israel with rocket attacks and various other things. I read about a stabbing incident that happened recently on one of the Israeli newspapers recently. The article said that it was a terrorist and that the terrorist attacked a Jewish person.

Above all, let us pray that when Pope Francis goes to Israel that he is safe.

Pope Francis receives Israeli President Shimon Peres

That is a Youtube video directly from the Vatican’s Youtube channel.

Because there’s a fairly sizable community of Argentine Jews that made aliyah, it’ll be interesting to see how he’s received, especially considering his status over there in Argentina.

Apparently the Pope is close friends with the Chief Rabbi in Buenos Aires. He refers to him as one of his oldest and closest friends. The Pope asked the Rabbi to write the forward to one of his books. The only wrench in their close personal friendship is they root for opposing Football (Soccer) teams. Being both saintly men, they manage to overlook that. He had close and cordial relations with other Jewish leaders in Argentina.

On his very first day as pope, Pope Francis wrote to the Chief Rabbi of Rome inviting him to the Vatican palace and expressing his hope for a renewed collaboration with the Jewish community.

I understand that Pope Francis is on very good terms with the Jewish people, so I’m sure they will be thrilled to have him visit their country.

That is also my understanding. Based upon these facts I think that when he does visit Israel he will be well received.

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