Pope Francis Accepts WV Bishop's Resignation


One more down.


He continued with his ministry until he offered to retire, as required, when he turned 75 last week.


The automatic resignations at age 75 are often not accepted.


Very well, but it’s still disappointing to hear that the bishop remained in ministry. I just don’t see how the headline is justified when this is simply a case of a bishop retiring.


The headline is completely accurate – his resignation was accepted. They often aren’t, when the Pope wants the person to remain in service.


What is especially important is the appointment of Archbishop Lori to investigate the matter and to be the Diocesan administrator while doing so. Very good baby steps coming out of Rome,
The meeting with the US Bishop delegation today, calling the special meeting of Bishops, and this.


And Cdl Wuerl’s resignation has been sitting on the Pope’s desk for 3 years now.


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