Pope Francis and Cardinal Burke

Pope Francis realizes that many if not most people in the world have chosen to shut out from consideration what the Catholic Church has to say. The secular media tries to stereotype us and portray us as closed minded, judgmental, and hateful. So, Pope Francis goes to great length to break through their closed mindedness and show that we are not those things and not to give the media cheap short sound bites that could be misrepresented as being that. Of course, the media now misrepresents him in the opposite extreme as if he were now changing the basic teachings of the Church.

The key to understanding the Pope is his statement that he is a “son of the Church.” He follows and promotes her teachings. Raymond Cardinal Burke in the interview below shows how now it is even more important that the Bishops and catechists in the Church clearly proclaim the constant teachings of the Church. Sharing the Truths of our Faith is an act of Love.

          Series Name:  The World Over
          Host:   Raymond Arroyo w/ Cardinal Raymond Burke, and others
          Date Produced:           3/20/2014

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Scroll down to the Pope Pius XII issue on 3/20/2014
Click the Download Button,
Right Click the “Begin Download”,
on the drop down menu click the,
Save Link (or Target) as … (about fifth item)
and scroll to the folder into which you wish to save it and name it accordingly.

The interview with Raymond Cardinal Burke is from
16:18 till 37:49


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