Pope Francis answers questions from youth in Assisi: marriage and priesthood are for life


With all this chatter about confusion and worry about Pope Francis and his message I thought I put a link up from Rome Reports. This is a very Catholic, very orthodox, vicar of Christ Pope Francis.

Loved this one too. Pope Francis speaking to cloistered nuns.romereports.com/palio/pope-to-cloistered-nuns-smile-show-the-inner-joy-that-comes-from-knowing-jesus-english-11229.html#.Uk8uuxD4IXs


These are both great :thumbsup:

This one is also very good. I have a married cousin who was was married quite young, for back in the 1960’s. He and his wife went though some very trying times. Someone else once asked him how they do it. His responce was exactly what the Pope says here.


They never go to sleep angry with each other.


This is so beautiful and touching to me. I would love to become a part of a cloistered order of nuns, though I am still unsure. Thank you so much for sharing this, my dear! :thumbsup: Much love to you!

Here are the full texts. The man’s spiritual depths are those of a child. I don’t mean childish. I was in awe.


This is how somebody can become Fransisco. Let Jesus guard you and his holy church bodly and soul.

I get a blank page. Is it a video or a text?

It is text. just try visit again.:thumbsup::thumbsup:

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