Pope Francis appears to urge Israelis and Palestinians to agree a two-state solution

Pope Francis Francis, spoke to thousands inside the grand St Peter’s Basilica during his only public mass over Christmas, Pontiff urged Christians toappears to urge Israelis and Palestinians to agree a two-state solution to conflict as he calls for a united front against ‘acts of terrorism’ in Christmas message He asked that Israelis and Palestinians resume direct dialogue which would ‘enable two people to live together in harmony and end a conflict which has caused great conflict for the entire region’, before praying for an end to the civil war in Syria and ‘in remedying the extremely grave humanitarian situation of its suffering people’.

Given the long recent history of violence and imposition of power; I’m not sure there is any other implementable option for peace in the near future. So I’d be fairly sure the Pope would be implying that almost by default.

Get rid of HAMAS first and then maybe there will be peace and NO need for a “two state solution” when it should be one UNITED state of Israel where they SHOULD live in peace, ushering in the time when Jesus will come again. I don’t think he’ll come while there is terrorism there - no matter who the terrorists are!

This sounds broadly similar to Christian Zionism which the apostolic Churches reject as an ideology.

Largely agreed but we must remember, prophecy, Gog and Magog will march on Israel.

Hamas only controls the Gaza strip and not the larger and more important west bank.

Holy Christian Zionism Batman, which unfortunately usually don’t give hoot about most of those currently living in the Holy Land if they aren’t Christian.

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