Pope Francis approves adding three titles to the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary


I like all three.

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I wonder at “comfort of migrants”. They are often fleeing discomfort or worse. Staying in their home country is an undesirable or unacceptable option. So I could only speak this specific “title” while remembering those who for whom things are often far worse - those remaining in those countries from which migrants are leaving.

I wish he had added Star of the Sea while he was adding stuff. I’m baffled why that isn’t already in the litany, it’s so old. I usually just add it myself.


I thought the Pope was against adding titles to the Blessed Virgin Mary?

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He’s not against adding titles, it’s just the theology of that particular one “co-redemptrix” that he’s against.

I note that the posted article is an opinion piece and is biased in favor of “co-redemptrix” theology, which has actually been very controversial for decades.

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It was the least inflammatory article that I could find (quickly)!

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I’ve always loved that title for her :heart:

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