Pope Francis: Armenian Genocide among the worst sufferings in history [CWN]


Two days before his apostolic journey to Armenia, Pope Francis released a video message in which he recalled “the sufferings that are among the most terrible that humanity records”-- a reference to the Armenian Genocide.



I feel compelled to say something to bump this, but this is one gesture that gives me some confidence for Pope Francis.

Still, he did not use the word “genocide”.


He has already addressed this as a genocide.


So had President Obama, when he was just Obama without the POTUS title.


And already aroused the ire of the Turkish leader when he did so as I recall as calling it genocide (which it was, let no-one be in any doubt as to where I stand on the matter) is something that means Erdogan and the Turkish govt. ten d to react very negatively.


The Russian Patriarch has also had flak thrown at him over the issue a number of times as have other leaders from various Churches.

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