Pope Francis (Assisi or Xavier)

Does anyone know which Francis the Pope was thinking of when he chose his name. Is it after Assisi or Xavier. Not that it matters to me they’re both great men but I was just curious. The media frenzy automatically assumes Assisi because that’s what is familiar but my initial thought was Xavier because his canonization date was Tues and was taught by Ignatius of Loyola. Being Jesuit I thought Xavier is it. Maybe it’s both! Or maybe even 3. I love Salesian spirituality so it makes my heart pitter patter to think of St Francis de Sales smiling from above that our Holy Fr. carries on the name.

News reports are specifically that it’s St. Francis of Assisi. His choice was to point to his emphasis towards the poor. My first thought was that the name was after St. Francis of Assisi - because that’s the first “Francis” that came to mind but also, because I’ve heard reported that he would not wear the jewel-encrusted Cross but his own. Someone has told me the Cross he has on is wood. (Indicating poverty, which St. Francis of Assisi chose.)

I’m MUCH MORE interested in how conservative he is. I haven’t heard anything on that yet, and this conservative Catholic is wondering. Anyone?

Check out his views on Wikipedia.

If by conservative Catholic you mean one that adheres to the teachings of the Church, then from all I hear, he is. Let us keep him in our prayers. Prior to his election, I prayed for a pope that would be right for this time in the history of the Church and I believe we have one.

I thought is was Francis Xavier after the Jesuit missionary the founder of his order?

I haven’t heard anything officially. But I think that Assisi would be the first one that most everyone would think of…Especially non-Catholic news sources. I’m sure we will be hearing from him on the matter soon.

Given the numbers of Cardinal electors appointed by JP II and Benedict XVI - my guess is that Pope Francis will be similar in outlook to these previous Pontiffs…Yet also be his own person (as moved by the Holy Spirit).

My “gut” tells me we have a good one.


I second on “have a good one”

Cardinal Dolan reported a personal conversation with Pope Francis immediately after the Conclave where this was discussed…

The Pope chose his name in honour of St Francis of Assisi.


Yes - I’m watching EWTN and they are talking in the same way - that it is definitely Francis of Assisi.
A great Choice for many reasons.


Francis of Assisi was the first one to come to mind here, as well-- but Xavier was a close second! Then again, considering that my high school alma mater is St. Francis and our patron was ‘Assisi’, and this year just happens to be the 30 year reunion for my class… St. Francis of Assisi is sharp in my mind.

I, too, think that we got a good one. As I explained to my non-Catholic spouse, when Pope Francis came out in just the white cassock and simple pectoral cross… he came out in his ‘Papal work clothes’ (‘Papal coveralls’ :smiley: ) instead of his ‘good suit’. This shows a leader who is probably going to roll up his sleeves, and not be afraid to get his hands ‘dirty and calloused’ doing his j’ob’. I’d expect nothing less from a Jesuit. :slight_smile:

May the Lord bless Pope Francis I and guide him, and increase the gifts of wisdom and humility that He has bestowed upon his servant.

~Spoken 4

The question isn’t one of “conservative” vs. “liberal”, but rather of orthodoxy; I think we have no worries at all in that regard.

Without smearing anybody, those who seem to be “in the know” about our new pope describe him as more of a “Fr. John Hardon Jesuit” than a Fr. Thomas Reese Jesuit."

Second hand quote from Fr. Fessio (another Hardon Jesuit): “You’ll love him. The other Jesuits hate him. I’m ecstatic.”

That’s good enough for me! :thumbsup:

I wonder - Just how reliable an indicator is “past performance” in considering how a new pontiff will proceed.
Certainly we can perhaps find “markers” by looking at the man’s past, but once he becomes “Peter”…And assumes the immense responsibilities that entails one must wonder…all bets could be off.

And it should be remembered by us all that the Pontiff is not a ruler, though we often think if him in that way. Jesus is our King and ruler. The Pontiff is the servant of servants to that King.

May God have mercy on Him and guide Him in holy ways.


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