Pope Francis at Mass: Bishops and Priests Need Our Prayers

I love the way Pope Francis is exhorting is to do the right things, and making clear what those things are!



Pray for priests and bishops, that they might not give in to the temptations of money and vanity, but serve the people of God. This was Pope Francis’ exhortation to the faithful at Mass this morning…

I really feel blessed to be alive during Blessed JP2, Pope Emeritus B16, and now Pope Francis. It looks like we’re now in a time of clarity, which I appreciate and am very thankful for! :extrahappy:

Speaking of his style, I admire the way the Pope generally speaks off the cuff. Presumably he plans out basically what he is going to say, but chooses his words spontaneously. To the modern world this gives a great impression of authenticity and frankness, since we are still influenced by that reaction against the Victorian era that perceives formality as fake.

I don’t know if I would have the courage to do this myself if I were in his position, for fear of accidentally saying something I would later regret. Just look at what happened with a few things Pope Benedict said. But with Pope Francis there seems to be more good-will capital for him to spend (with those who would be most likely to criticize a Pope, that is), and perhaps confidence on his part that what he has to say is really worth saying.

I keep them in my prayers.

I get the feeling that Vatican watchers could get quite a bit of information about what is on the Holy Father’s mind with those morning sermons and predict his future moves. It seems that there is quite a pattern there… the sermon about “whining” after Braz due Aziz complained that he didn’t get sufficient say in the LCWR decision, the sermon about his love for Vatican II after SSPX released its letter, etc. And now the sermon today about bishops in the midst of the O’Brien controversy.

There’s probably a honeymoon period in process until he brings up some difficult things the secular left taste-making class don’t like the Catholic position on. Once that happens, it will back to the way they tended to treat Benedict.

Sorry to be so cynical.

Which is interesting in itself because B16 got absolutely no honeymoon. Francis is always probably going to get better press because he gives colorful sound bites and does unpredictable things. (It makes for lots of good ink.)

Right. His reputation preceded him, as far as the press was concerned, as a rigid disciplinarian and enforcer, “God’s Rottweiler” supposedly. I never really knew where that fearsome reputation came from, although presumably it had to do with his leadership at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. To me he was foremost a scholar and gentle teacher. I really miss him.

I would add to this how he mentioned the Magisterium, obedience, authority etc after the meeting with the Women Religious.

Totally agree, and I think this has already started to happen because of the LCWR reform.

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