Pope Francis: carry a pocket-sized edition of the Gospel, read it daily [CWN]


Pope Francis devoted his Sunday Angelus address to the Christ’s transfiguration and emphasized three words in his reflections: “listen,” “ascent,” and "descent."Reflecting on God the …



:thumbsup:*** An awesome idea!***


Who am I to ignore a request from the pope to all the faithful? I gotta go buy some pocket gospels!


This was a common practice in the 70’s. It fit in your shirt pocket!

I also recommend you read

“Hidden Mountain, Secret Garden: A Theological Contemplation on Prayer
by Dr. Anthony Lynn Lilles STD(Author)”



Anyone know where I can get a good pocket Gospel that is a Catholic translation. Also one that can ACTUALLY fit in my pocket. Sometimes the supposed “pocket size” are HUGE.







I have bible apps on my iphone. Lighter than carrying a bible around.:thumbsup:


I should have known “there’s an app for that”.:slight_smile:



You can also have the kindle app or nook app on your phone, and have a Bible on there.


Pocket gospel? Bah. I carry around a digest-sized copy of the Catholic Community Bible pretty much wherever I go :slight_smile:


Thanks! BTW st. Joes is already sold out


I love that Bible! Ij Genesis they have a footnote about extraterrestrials :slight_smile:


Really? What does it say? I’ve never seen that particular Bible.


The zippered thinline RSV-CE Bible from Oxford University Press weighs 15 ounces and is less than an inch thick. It is the whole Bible, not just the Gospels. Mine goes everywhere with me. It can be found for less than $20 on the internet.




I have that one too. :thumbsup: Love the zipper so the pages don’t get rumpled in my purse.

I also have a pocket sized New Testament and psalms that I bought before I found the RSV-CE pictured above.


Would the NKJV Gideon Bible I got in school (and still carry around whenever I travel) count? :slight_smile:


I have the one shown in your picture. But I believe the one you link to is an even smaller compact version.

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