Pope Francis' comments on homosexuals

Please help me with this matter…the media is going nuts w/ Pope Francis’ comments regarding homosexuals…I even read, on one new site that the Church has, for several decades held that homosexuality is disordered, only now to acknowledge that these individuals need a place in society…help me…‘a few decades ?"…I spend a great deal of time each day, without being defensive, trying to lovingly explain to friends acquaintances etc…that the Church teaches that we are requirred to live chaste lives unless we are in a sacramental marriage, i.e. between one man and one woman…so…what one’s preference for gener is seems quite irrelevent eh…? yet the media woud have the world believe that the Holy Father has somehow sanctioned this segment of society…they shoudn’t be marginalized…am I the only person left on planet that is sick of hearing about homosexuality…supposedly this man was once a priest…on the national news…shortly after Pope Francis’ comment,commenting on the matter…even he failed to adequately articulate the Church’s position…no surprise…I give Pope Benedict credit for not only his position regarding indivicuals with deep seated homosexual tendencies not consider the priesthood…someone make me feel better please…

Whatever you read that “now” the Church says homosexuals belong in society is mistaken. Pope Benedict also wrote multiple times that those with homosexual tendencies deserve to be treated with dignity and ministered to by bishops, etc… The Pope referenced the Catechism for the basis of his teaching, which would particularly apply to 2357-2359, which includes the call for those with homosexual tendencies to live chastely.

Also, don’t let the media dictate to you how you should feel about the Church. They create certain caricatures––which, yes, often requires correcting by knowledgeable Catholics such as yourself––but I can’t find anything in the Pope’s recent statement that can’t be reflected in the Catechism or in various writings from Pope Benedict. Can you?

Now I have heard radio callers and whatnot say that the Pope should realize that he needs to be clearer about Catholic teaching within the context of his own statement, rather than referring them to the Catechism. And perhaps that is a viable request. But all the same, the media does not do their homework regarding the Church––and they might not want to. Even clarity on a teaching would probably be misreported.

I’m curious whether these journalists are being deliberately devious or if they’re just dumb. You’d think a working knowledge of Catholicism would be a prerequisite for a major media outlet in terms of sending journalists to report on it. They do that for everything else (politically savvy journalists on politics, legally savvy journalists on court cases, scientifically savvy journalists on popular science, yadda yadda). They’re not necessarily experts but they at least have half a clue on the subject they’re reporting or else they wouldn’t be inept enough to think that the Pope is condoning homosexual behavior. What on Earth is the matter with them? Are they illiterate? It’s not even complicated.

Amen…I couldn’t agree more…it just bothers me when things are reported that are at best misleading…it just plays into the ignorance about our faith…tks

There is no change in what the Church teaches regarding homosexuality. Those who struggle with SSA (same sex attraction) "must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity."CCC2358] The pope further differentiated between orientation and a “gay lobby.” Unlike much of the public, the Chuch recognizes that regardless of sexual orientation, it is possible to live a chaste life and the inner freedom that brings.



Just look around a bit. Numerous explanations for this have already been given, including a condemnation from the Vatican directed at the liberal media for taking the Pope out of context.

Well if you read the entire statement, and the entire interview, he pretty much repeated what the catholism says, so he really didn’t say anything new. Also, I found quite interesting that when I went to Aciprensa which contains the official transcript of the interview with the pope, and read the interview in Spanish, I realized that the pope never used the word “judge” in his statement. Instead he used a words which meaning is more along the lines of hatefully ranting against someone, I thought that this is interesting because the media in English translated it to judge, which doesn’t really reflect what he said and which is being used by some to make an argument to say that the pope.is sanctioning homosexuality. I don’t think the Pope.needs to be clearer about his statement, the media needs to do a proper translation.

Agreed. The media has the responsibility to research any subject matter before reporting blatent lies which just stir up controversy and dispair in the public’s eyes. Moreover, I do not know of any Christian denomination which accepts homosexuality as anything other than sinful and against God’s laws. Sexual relations are confined to marriage between a man and a woman.

If a person is drawn to the same sex, they must pray for God’s mercy, repent, and sin no more. If that means that they must remain celebate, so be it. If one truly confesses the Christian faith and believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and one’s own personal Savior, then there should be no question that homosexuality is sinful and unacceptable to God.

The media has destroyed centuries of acceptable Christian moral values, and the literal Truth written in the Bible for all to adhere, in uninformed, ignorant, and distainable reporting.

Pray for those who have written such lies, as well as those who believe what they say.

As sinners, may God have mercy and give grace to us all in our daily walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

A bit of both I think. Also news on the Church and the Pope sells so they spice it up. An accurate report of the Pope’s comments wouldn’t be so interesting they think. “Breaking News: Pope Francis is Catholic. Reiterates Church’s position on homosexuality in interview.” Not so exciting. The truth but not so exciting.

Of course let’s be clear. There are enemies of the Church and lying is one of their favorite weapons.

You might want to wake up and smell the coffee.

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  1. I can’t judge when Peter was forgiven , when betraying the Lord Himself is forgiven can I ?

  2. Hey…its not a crime so what do you guys want ?

  3. I know there is a lobby in the Vatican…but…there are no pass cards with a deal that says “Gay”…so what the heck am I supposed to do ?

  4. I’m not worried about being inclined toward gay… thats not the problem… Do YOU hear me…? I am the

Pope…and thats not the problem so take a break on being inclined, no big deal…get it?

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  1. Pope goes to S/A and dives physically into the poor saying in theme…

ignore your local CHurch with whatever agenda and

( exact words ok ) " make a mess"…( apparently for love Jesus and pro Catholicism)


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