Pope Francis condemns legalization of marijuana, says it won't produce good results

From the AP:

Pope Francis condemns legalization of marijuana, says it won’t produce good results

Yes, it’s a one-line article.

From the Italian, I Tempi

«No ad ogni tipo di droga. È un flagello». Lo ha detto oggi papa Francesco durante un’udienza in cui ha incontrato i partecipanti alla 31esima edizione dell’International Drug Enforcement Conference. «La droga non si vince con la droga!», ha detto il Papa. «La droga è un male, e con il male non ci possono essere cedimenti o compromessi».
Non è la prima volta che il Pontefice interviene sul tema e anche questa volta è stato molto esplicito nel ribadire che «le legalizzazioni delle cosiddette “droghe leggere”, anche parziali, oltre ad essere quanto meno discutibili sul piano legislativo, non producono gli effetti che si erano prefisse. Le droghe sostitutive, poi, non sono una terapia sufficiente, ma un modo velato di arrendersi al fenomeno. Intendo ribadire quanto già detto in altra occasione: no ad ogni tipo di droga. Semplicemente. No ad ogni tipo di droga. Ma per dire questo no, bisogna dire sì alla vita, sì all’amore, sì agli altri, sì all’educazione, sì allo sport, sì al lavoro, sì a più fonti di lavoro. La sanità di vita è la strada della prevenzione della droga. Se si realizzano questi “sì”, non c’è posto per la droga, per l’abuso di alcol, per le altre dipendenze».

NARCOTRAFFICO. Per papa Francesco sono d’esempio i tanti giovani che sono riusciti a sottrarsi dalle dipendenze: essi sono uno «stimolo a guardare in avanti con fiducia». E ha invitato coloro che sono chiamati a combattere i traffici a intensificare i loro sforzi contro il narcotraffico. «Il flagello della droga – ha proseguito Bergoglio – continua ad imperversare in forme e dimensioni impressionanti, alimentato da un mercato turpe, che scavalca confini nazionali e continentali. In tal modo continua a crescere il pericolo per i giovani e gli adolescenti. Di fronte a tale fenomeno, sento il bisogno di manifestare il mio dolore e la mia preoccupazione».

You can run the Italian through an auto-translator if needed.


I wonder if he’s speaking from personal experiences?

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Does this include only for medical use? I’m talking about when the substance is not smoked and its application removes the element that makes you high.

Pope Francis delivered a strong message to participants at the International Drug Enforcement Conference in Rome."The scourge of drug use continues to spread inexorably, fed by a …



Well, I have generally supported the legalization of marijuana but I’m not one to disagree with the Holy Father. Too many around here question him so I guess this may be something for me to think about.

I don’t pull the “prudential judgement” card if I don’t like something a Pope says so. . . .

Hmmmm. . . .

It does specify “recreational” and not medicinal.

I read about this on MSN. In the comments, I think there was one person agreeing, and everyone else attacking the pope, although mostly attacking the Catholic Church and religion in general. Why do a bunch of pot heads care so much about what the pope says? Not like they ever listen to him, anyway. :shrug:

Watch the stereotyping, many so called ‘pot heads’ may be chosen by Christ.

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I wish He would. Have you read any of the comments on the articles on sites like MSN? The hatred and ignorance is astounding. Makes me very sad.

There are many folks who are very Catholic and still use marijuana, medically and recreationally, especially in Asia, Latin America, Europe and Canada. It is most interesting that the Holy Father, while rightfully condemning drug use, does not necessarily agree with criminalizing the user, he specifies “health care” is how to prevent drug use, not jails. Actually this title and the AP is misleading, the Holy Father doesn’t say “marijuana” once, but he does mention alcohol and addictive drugs many times!

Google Translation:

"No to all types of drugs. It’s a scourge. " The Pope Francis said today during a hearing where he met the participants of the 31st edition of the International Drug Enforcement Conference. “Drugs do not win with the drug,” said the Pope, “The drug is an evil, and evil there can be no failure or compromise.”
It is not the first time the Pope spoke on the theme and this time was very explicit in insisting that “the legalization of so-called” soft drugs ", even partially, in addition to at least be questionable in terms of legislation, they do not produce the effects that had set itself. The replacement drugs, then, are not sufficient therapy, but a veiled way of surrendering to the phenomenon. I want to reiterate what I said on another occasion: no to any kind of drug. Simply. No to any kind of drug. But to say no, you have to say yes to life, yes to love, yes to others, yes to education, yes to sports, yes at work, yes to more sources of work. Health care is the way of life of drug prevention. If you make these “yes,” there is no place for drugs, alcohol abuse, for other addictions. "
DRUG. For Pope Francis is an example of the many young people who have managed to escape from addictions: they are an “incentive to look ahead with confidence.” And he invited those who are called to fight the traffic to intensify their efforts against drug trafficking. "The scourge of drugs - continued Bergoglio - continues to rage in impressive shapes and sizes, powered by an ugly market that crosses national and continental boundaries. In this way, there is a growing danger for young people and teenagers. In the face of this phenomenon, I feel the need to express my sorrow and my concern. "
DO NOT LEAVE THE CHURCH. Concern the Church’s mission is to "go wherever there is a human being suffering, thirsty, hungry, in prison. The Church has not abandoned those who have fallen into a spiral of drugs, but with his creative love has gone to meet them. Took them by the hand, through the work of many workers and volunteers so they could rediscover their dignity, helping to resurrect those resources, those talents that the drug had buried, but that could not be deleted, since every man is created in the image and likeness of God. " The work of recovery (“it is not enough”) must accompany “the prevention, this will do very well.”

It seems to me a good result would be the end of the black market in drugs and the associated violence. Criminalizing drugs but only locking up manufacturers and sellers doesn’t stop the drug trade. You have to stop the demand. If you want to make it a criminal matter you need to lock users up for draconian sentences or execute them. That goes against our sense of justice but is in accord with human nature. The current system does not stop people from being able to acquire drugs but does increase violence, government corruption and a disregard for the law.

Too many around here question him so I guess this may be something for me to think about.


Does this comment refer to the Western media misinterpreting him?

I don’t pull the “prudential judgement” card if I don’t like something a Pope says so. . . .

Not sure what this means, but Popes and bishops are not above correction.

There are many pot smokers who are ‘deaf,’ ‘dumb’ and ‘blind,’ but with our prayers, they can be cured by Christ.

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I agree. I think marijuana shoud be legalized only for medical purposes and controled. I do think that the US has rediculously harsh punishements for recreational drug use though.

The Catechism has a couple sections on this:

CC 2211 The political community has a duty to honor the family, to assist it, and to encourage specifically:…(long list)…the protection of security and health, especially in respect to dangers like drugs, pornography, alcoholism, etc.;…

CC 2291 The use of drugs infllicts very grave damage on human health and life. Their use, except on strictly therapeutic grounds, is a grave offense. Clandestine production of and trafficking in drugs are scandalous practices. They constitute direct co-operation in evil, since they encourage people to practices gravely contrary to the moral law.

ringil, I know you are a smart guy, even if I frequently disagree with you. Prudential judgment should be easy enough for you to understand. You must listen to the Pope when he and the bishops teach about the morality of intentional intoxication. You do not have to agree with him on how we deal with those who willfully choose to abuse drugs in society. As long as want to reduce drug abuse and its dangers to society, there are many different ways to accomplish that and the opinion of a Pope requires you to treat it about the same as other really smart and well informed people of good will.

Now, if you want to say intentional intoxication is good, or not a moral issue, you would be in conflict with Church teaching. If you believe the common good would be best served my making penalties for use, possession, or sale and distribution different from my opinion, we can have a civil discussion and neither of us can claim that Catholic teaching is firmly on our side.

Faith and morals are solidly part of the charism of the Pope. Cosmology, socialogy, psychology, criminology, economics, and all the other sciences are not.

Same here. Well, it seems there is a clear Catholic position on this subject. Who am I to disagree?

I agree and believe that the opinions and thoughts offered by the Holy Father are worth infinitely more than “any well educated and intelligent person”.

I feel that we laity need to stop second guessing Bishops, Cardinals, and the Pope- and this is in NO WAY limited to those sometimes called “liberal Catholics”.

I believe that I may have much to learn from a Cardinal Mahoney or a Cardinal Burke, and MOST DEFINITELY from the Pope Himself.


I am very glad he said this. He is right. I work part time as a nurse in a neurology floor and I have seen enough horrible nerve and brain disorders brought on by marijuana and other drugs.

Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

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