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First off, I saw one thread pulled for a misleading story; so if this is the case here, feel free to pull the story. I was a bit amazed to see this story just posted on the internet. And on the other hand, it may well not be misleading.

And as for those who supplied the chemicals, it may well not be the United States in this case in speaking about the “West”.

** Pope Francis Condemns West For Chemical Weapon Supply To Syria **


Pope Francis denounces the West for supplying chemical weapons in Syria that led to the deaths of thousands of people, including children, in a tragedy that took place in August 2013. The pope said Syria, or the Middle East in general, has no capacity of manufacturing chemical weapons - these must have been supplied by Syria’s very same accusers.

REUTERS/Tony Gentile
Pope Francis shakes hands with a journalist on the flight back from Istanbul to Rome, November 30, 2014. Pope Francis said Islamic militants were carrying out a “profoundly grave sin against God” in Syria and Iraq, calling on Sunday for inter-religious dialogue and action against poverty to help end the conflicts there.

“Last year between September and December it was said that Syria had chemical weapons. I don’t believe that Syria was capable of making chemical weapons. So who could have sold them to them? One of those who accused them,” Pope Francis was quoted saying by Mail Online.

Pope Francis made his remark while aboard a plane from Turkey to Rome, flying with the press. He said such arms trafficking are terrible but is ongoing because it proved to be a profitable business.

So this appeared to be one of those news conferences on a plane, semi-casual perhaps.

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Well, I think we’d all have to agree with this. I mean it probably was the West who supplied them (we’re including Russia in that right)? I don’t know the facts here. But as a Christian I think the development, sale or use of chemical weapons would be pretty hard to justify under *any *circumstances…


This doesn’t sound like the way Pope Francis usually speaks. How can we determine whether the story is genuine?


Ride on the plane with a tape recorder!

** Papa Francesco: “Credo che la Siria non fosse in grado di costruire armi chimiche” **


Obviously, this story is saying the same thing, published in Italia.


Thanks for posting this, Path_Finder. I think it would be difficult to disagree with anything the Pope said. And I don’t doubt the story’s authenticity, by the way. The Italian press is reporting exactly the same thing, as you pointed out. One thing I would add though, is that Francis may very well have a good idea who sold the weapons to Syria, but chooses to remain silent for his own reasons. I would have to guess that he is a very, very well informed individual.


Let me make this clear, it seems this headline and the one from the original story in the Daily Mail are implied but it would be hard to deny the truth.

I believe the truth is that they know one and maybe two of the nations that simply speaking, had in the past supplied Syria. I don’t know how long ago they supplied them, the '80s or more recently.

It should be noted, the Pope’s words said “those who accuse, sold them to them”, words to that effect. Actually, companies may well have sold them these but those companies are from that one country, maybe 2.

And without a doubt, the Holy Father talking about the trafficking in arms in general is so.

The flipside, is there are bad guys out there as well.

For all we know too, just like the death penalty chemicals, there could be some legitimate uses. But that is no excuse, I only add that in.

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