Pope Francis convokes world-wide meeting of bishops on abuse crisis


i started a thread on this


I missed it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I did check as I figured someone would have done so already. I just didn’t check hard enough. :blush:

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From the same link…

In a press briefing Wednesday, Holy See spokesperson Paloma García Ovejero, said the February meeting would be on the “prevention of abuse of minors and vulnerable adults”

This was just published today…

He Wanted To Be a Priest. He Says Archbishop McCarrick Used That to Abuse Him.

Reading recounted his experience to me last week, after we were connected by another former seminarian from Immaculate Conception, Father Desmond Rossi, who says McCarrick inappropriately touched him as well. McCarrick stands accused of sexual abuse and harassment by several former seminarians, two of whom have received settlements from the church, and others, including Reading, who are telling their stories publicly for the first time. Rossi, like Reading, recalled a culture of fear and avoidance surrounding McCarrick that forced the seminarians and young priests to choose between their vocations and their safety. McCarrick has not commented on the allegations by the seminarians; representatives for McCarrick declined to comment on this article.

i do that all the time too.

I wonder what today will bring with the vatican statement

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Glad they clarified the bit about vulnerable adults. I consider this meeting of bishops a very good thing Hopefully they will shortly launch an investigation into the McCarrick affair.

I guess they may not be investigating after all?

Way to soon to say this. Until it is determined how such an investigation would work, it’s understandable it hasn’t been mentioned. If the Holy Father had said no, then you could possibly expect that to be in DiNardo’s statement, since everyone knows he requested it.
As it is, pray for our pope, actions are starting. He will be fighting the enemy each step of the way.

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