Pope Francis: correction without charity is 'a slap in the face'

Something for all of us to remember:


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The Roman Pontiff also pointed out that humility is an essential part of making a correction, saying that “If you really need to reprimand a little flaw, stop and remember that you have many more and far bigger!”


Pope Francis went on to explain that one helpful sign in checking our motivations is when we feel “a certain delight” when we see a fault, and we see it as our duty to make the correction. We must be careful, he said, “because that is not coming from the Lord.”


Thanks for posting this.
I hope lots of people read it and take note.
In particular the ever so pious among us who think good catholics should go around pointing out other people’s sins to them, which seems to me a practice more akin to other traditions…

Wow. Thanks for this.

Those of us who are not Catholic can learn from this, as well. :o


Thank you for posting this.

Of course in this day and age of no matter how charitable one is in proclaiming the Truth of Jesus Christ and His Church more than likely they will still be called haters, bigots, intolerant and any other word the world can use to bury the Truth in relativism.

Just a quick note to people who think we have a double standard here, and post it on their ‘blog’, Catholics have and will get banned for ‘contempt for other religions’, just as fast as non-Catholics. Just did it this morning. The three strikes rule applies, I don’t care who you are.
So let’s heed the Holy Father’s words.


Thank you for this quote from Pope Francis. :slight_smile:

I read something that I really liked once that I believe adds nicely to this, I hope no one minds if I share it.

It went something along the lines of ‘Recieving charity is almost always a humiliation, only aleviated by the love with which it is given, that is to say, the only kind of charity that doesn’t hurt, comes from the one who fully identifies himself with the one in need, and shares with him from the much or little that he has, in this way there is no room for vanity in the one who gives or humiliation in the one who recieves.’

God Bless

Thank you for reading

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