Pope Francis' deep ties to evangelicals

When the World Meeting of Families announced its roster of speakers for its September meeting in Philadelphia, some were surprised to see Rick Warren’s name among the invitees.

Warren is one of the leading Christian evangelical voices in the United States, and the World Meeting of Families, which is sponsored by the Holy See’s Pontifical Council for the Family, is the world’s largest Catholic gathering of families


Ah,the National Catholic Distorter! Not on one of my favorite news sources.

In my humble Lutheran opinion, NCR has been quite a bit more orthodoxly Catholic after EWTN bought them. My hunch is that it’s been a balancing act - EWTN is probably quite aware that the historically typical NCR reader may need a gentle touch.

You’re confusing the National Catholic Reporter with the National Catholic Register, the latter of which is owned by EWTN and can be found here.

After a moment of shock, I guessed that that must be the confusion.

It would truly be a revolutionary moment in American Catholicism if EWTN bought the Reporter! (Unlike most on this forum, I would not hail such an event with unmixed joy, or really with joy at all. EWTN is a powerful enough empire as it is.)


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