Pope Francis denies Dalai Lama an audience because of China concerns

Your skepticism seems well-founded. I searched Catholic News Service, Catholic News Agency, Radio Vaticana, Rome Reports, news.va, and L’Osservatore Romano, for “dalai lama” and came up with zero current news stories.

From the OP’s article, “A Vatican official, who asked not to be identified…” top-notch tabloid reporting there.

God Bless the CIA for aiding the Exiled Tibetan Goveernment, even with the oppressive Chinese regime, among inhabitants there, the Dalai Lama is often revered. China has tried to set up a religion similar to what they did to Catholicism. The CIA nor the government in Tibet before the Chinese takeover is perfect, however, it is probably somewhat better than some of the things China has done, let’s not forget, the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution killed millions, perhaps 80 million have been lost in Chinese repression, some through famine. God Bless India too for giving the Exiled Tibetan Government a place to be.

Perhaps ensuring that Catholicism gains a foothold in China will hasten the collapse of Communism there and in neighboring nations. Let us not forget that Pope St. John Paul the Great played a decisive role, nay, the decisive role, in the collapse of Soviet Communism and the Berlin Wall.

The CIA is on an equal footing with Josef Mengele and other Nazis; no more, and no less. They are predatory animals and certainly less than human. I understand why the Dalai Lama aligned himself with them, but by doing so he has zero credibility as far as being a humanitarian is concerned. I respect his contemplative side, and also I realize that he’s in a complicated position, but facts are facts. To his credit he’s decided to utterly wipe out and erase the entire position of Dalai Lama. Tibetan Buddhists are on their own in exile after he dies. There will never be another Dalai Lama, he’s the last. He really had no choice though, because China declared that when he dies they will choose who is successor is. In other words, they will find his reincarnated infant self somewhere in China, and that will be the end of it. So China not only stole the land of Tibet, but also the soul and religion of Tibet. It’s monstrous beyond words, but that doesn’t mean the Chinese populace itself is guilty of anything.

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My point is simply that by his political choices the Dalai Lama isn’t the pure and saintly person he’s made out to be by Western media, and by the same token 99% of Chinese people have absolutely nothing to do with Chinese-Tibetan relations, and therefore the Pope is making the best of a bad situation. The huge number of Chinese people who could be negatively affected by the Vatican deliberately alienating their government far outweighs having to decline a private meeting with a lone individual.

From all accounts, the Dalai Lama in fact is a saintly person, but in rthe Buddhist tradition.

The CIA helped apprehend the murderer of 3000 Americans and other citizens of the world. Unless you are some sort of truther, you should appreciate that.

The Soviets killed 40 million, Communist China has seen 80 million persons. US Intelligence even with multiple errors, got it correct in keeping the US free of Communism.

7 years in Tibet. That Tibet may be gone but unrefutable fact is thanks to the government of India and her citizens and American aid via the CIA, Tibet is a government in exile.

Sure, a lot of problems happened in the Cold War, I don’t approve with a lot of that, what happened in Chile or Iran but overall, the good side won only for some of the current crop of leaders to make questionable moves.

Let’s see what USSR and China did in the cold war, Cambodia and North Korea, enough said, people in Eastern Europe fighting to get away, enslaved.

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