Pope francis denying the existence of the virgin guadalupe?

Today my brother in law read a very shocking information saying that pope francis said virgin guadalupe is just a mexican invention. I went to the internet and google it and i found out many links with information about this. ( they were all i spanish),
One of them was boletinmexico.com.mx/?p=78391 and i did not find anything in english , sorry , i just want to know if this is really true.
I’ve been praying for my husband’s conversion and i sttoped for 2 weeks ( i was feeling desperate and without answer), but now i decided to continue with the prayers and it is like satan puts all this information to me and the padre amaro movie it is like he is trying to make me stop again .

I can not believe that article especially when Pope Francis sends golden rose to Our Lady of Guadalupe clericalwhispers.blogspot.com/2013/11/pope-francis-sends-golden-rose-to-our.html

I just checked several very credible sites,including the "Official site of, “Virgen de Guadalupe”
POPE Francis ,as all Popes since the original Vatican investigation and statements approving of and authorizing the truths of the apparition of the ‘Virgen de Guadalupe’
fully believes and approves of the “Virgen de Guadalupe”.

no se preucupe!
Martin Pastore…Costa Rica.

As a general rule, if you here something like this about the Pope, it’s just wrong.

You have to tell your brother in law to use a little bit more common sense. The Church has accepted this since she appeared in San Juan Diego’s cloth when he went to show the bishop the proof.

Oh woman of little faith, don’t believe everything you read, check it out first, ask Catholic Forum, go to www.vatican.va which is the Vatican website, think positive, not negative.
Don’t believe what the secular press report, if you notice the Vatican does not even respond to all these silly accusations and Pope Francis must have a good laugh, because otherwise he would cry with all the silly accusations pointed at him and worse the Catholics who have little faith to doubt in the first place.

Like all great men, Pope Francis has many enemies, even from some “conservative” catholic sources.
We must give our Pope the loyalty he and the Holy Catholic Church deserves. Always give a friend of Christ the benefit of the doubt!

Ditto what Catholic M. said.

**“No te creas.” ** Or as a friend of my late mother would say, “Uuuu, que la silachas…”

The site reeks of yellow journalism and sensationalism. . It just blathers on, not naming sources, claiming that some [UNNAMED] news reporter asked him about the “canonization” of Our Lady of Guadalupe (which prompted the supposed claim). That itself is a ridiculous notion.

Plus, the website is registered and hosted in the U.S., and although the content is in Spanish, the owners did not bother translating the WordPress parts of the site into Spanish. They did not spell-check too well, ether. Amateurish, if you ask me.

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe,* ruega por nosotros.*

Saludos del norte,

Pope Francis sends Message to the Americas

Geez, it seems that you can make anything up, and in a couple of minutes, it’s all over the internet. Correct me if I’m wrong–I do not speak Spanish–but doesn’t one paragraph talk about the “canonization” of Our Lady of Guadalupe? That’s a clue right there that this article is bogus.

You know, Satan really is the enemy of the Church and he and his minions do everything they can to tear down people’s faith. Since they can influence people’s imaginations, they can easily influence people who are not paying attention. This is in terms of the film’s being made and the reactions some have to it.

Stick close to God and treat any thoughts against God, including thoughts of despair, as temptations. If you can not “flick” the thoughts away yourself, pray for help. And keep on praying for that help if the thoughts return.

And offer up this suffering for the conversion of your husband. Fasting and almsgiving will also strengthen your prayers.

There’s always been a lot of red flags waving about in this story. So if the pope did say it was legend, I would agree with him.

This peasant, Juan Diego, is said to have told the Archbishop of Mexico, Juan de Zumárraga, about his vision and then brought back the flowers to prove the miraculous apparition to the bishop–who then recognizes them as Castilian roses…and then they both see the likeness of Mary on the cloak, right?

The first problem with this account is that…the bishop, who was a prolific writer, never mentioned one detail of this story or event or “miracle” in his numerous letters and writings over the years. And the first time the story was written out, in Aztec, was anywhere from a decade to a century after both the bishop and Diego had died, so neither men have ever confirmed it.
The event is also not mentioned in official biographies about Zumarraga.

(And, one wonders, how is it that a peasant has all these private meetings with the Bishop of Mexico?)

Then there’s the image on the cloak, which shows signs of flaked paint–it is most likely the artwork of an Aztec painter, many who have studied it believe.

And so on, and so on.

IMO, and that of many others, it is a legend that was created at the time to help evangelize the masses of natives–and it surely worked, and continues to work to this day.

If the pope were to say as such, he would be in agreement with most of the facts.

For more info, this site make a good analysis:

Much of this info is also on wiki.


Enough said. :thumbsup:

But the Pope hasn’t said that and the article you linked to had made up their mind that it was fake. Here from EWTN refutes what some of the article states

In 1936, an examination conducted on two fibers from the tilma, one red and the other yellow, led to an astounding finding—the fibers contained no known coloring agent. Ophthalmology and optics confirm the inexplicable nature of the Image—it seems to be a slide projected onto the fabric. Closer analysis shows that there is no trace of drawing or sketching under the color, even though perfectly recognizable retouches were done on the original, retouches which moreover have deteriorated with time. In addition, the background never received any primer, which seems inexplicable if it is truly a painting, for even on the finest fabric, a coat is always applied, if only to prevent the fabric from absorbing the painting and the threads from breaking the surface. No brush strokes can be detected. After an infrared analysis conducted on May 7, 1979, a professor from NASA wrote, “There is no way to explain the quality of the pigments used for the pink dress, the blue veil, the face and the hands, or the permanence of the colors, or the vividness of the colors after several centuries, during which they ordinarily should have deteriorated… Studying this Image has been the most moving experience of my life.”

Read more: ewtn.com/saintsholy/saints/O/ourladyofguadalupe.asp#ixzz38e8VbsAP

Our Lady of Guadalupe ‘completely beyond’ scientific explanation, says researcher

You also said this information was on Wiki indeed it was emphasis mine

Taking notes that were later published, his assistant noted that** the original art work was neither cracked nor flaked, **while later additions (gold leaf, silver plating the moon) showed serious signs of wear, if not complete deterioration. Callahan could not explain the excellent state of preservation of the un-retouched areas of the image on the tilma, particularly the upper two-thirds of the image. His findings, with photographs, were published in 1981

Gee, if it is on the internet then it must be true… right? :shrug:… :hypno: yesss… it must be true!

The original article mentions that this occurred in Spain when the Holy Father was saying Mass during his visit there. I’ve tried searching for this alleged visit, and I cannot find any record of it. Has Pope Francis even visited Spain?

The article also mentions that this alleged statement occurred within the context of his talking about a supposed “canonization of Our Lady of Guadalupe”. Since when are apparitions “canonized”? This apparition is one of the Virgin Mary. She has been considered a Saint since the very beginning! Why would the Vatican ever need to canonize her, let alone wait 2000 years to do so!?

This entire article seems about as credible as a tabloid.

I think it is clear that the article is fallacious at best. Not sure why we are even discussing it at this point. :shrug:

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