"Pope Francis Digs at Vatican's Narcissistic Nature.."


No offense or anything, but you should really take anything the secular media writes about Pope Francis with a grain of salt. They tend to misunderstand him at best, and actively misrepresent what he says at worst…

…wow, and avoid the comments on there, Dear lord what a bunch of misinformed…

Sorry… sorry… pray for them… pray for them… Please pray for them, because I do not think I can >_>

It was an interesting article; wish I had access to the entire interview not just the version
from the media.

think this is it,

Your Holiness, you wrote that in your letter to me. The conscience is autonomous, you said, and everyone must obey his conscience. I think that’s one of the most courageous steps taken by a Pope.
“And I repeat it here. Everyone has his own idea of good and evil and must choose to follow the good and fight evil as he conceives them. That would be enough to make the world a better place.”

It appears that the translation of at least some parts into English was off?

If “everyone has his own idea of good and evil and must choose to follow the good and fight evil as he conceives them,” is the Pope saying that there is no such thing as objective truth, or objective right or wrong? This is where it is really, really helpful to know Italian:* “Ciascuno di noi ha una sua visione del Bene e anche del Male. Noi dobbiamo incitarlo a procedere verso quello che lui pensa sia il Bene*” is more literally (and helpfully?) translated as “Each one of us has his/her own vision of the Good or even of Evil.* We must encourage him/her to move toward that which he/she sees as the Good*.” The Pope is not leveling the difference between truth and untruth, right and wrong: he is saying that we all have a duty to encourage people to pursue the Good, knowing that the true Good will not fail to manifest himself, even if “through a glass darkly.”

Here’s another whopper: “The Son of God became incarnate in the souls of men to instill the feeling of brotherhood.” Um, the Son of God did not become incarnate in souls. He became incarnate in human nature, in his own human flesh and blood. The Italian is " Il Figlio di Dio si è incarnato per infondere nell’anima degli uomini il sentimento della fratellanza": “The Son of God became incarnate to infuse into the soul of men [could say “the human soul”] the feeling of brotherhood.”


sorry I don’t see the difference. maybe you could explain how you got your meaning from that.

Thanks for that enlightening comment

I just saw that it was an article about Francis that was interesting. Why not let people read it and discuss the article. Especially on CAF, people are going to be a little more critical of a secular source. However it is Catholic News and there is nothing wrong with posting it in this forum.

That’s because in that instance he is accurately translated. He simply said what he said :slight_smile: I agree that there isn’t terribly much difference between the two renderings offered.

The only glaring translation error seems to have been the “incarnate” into souls sentence. Apart from that, the general gist of the interview would appear to have been passably and effectively conveyed.

In other words, I think that people will be nit-picking if they try to claim that the media is misrepresenting the pope through this interview on the basis of faulty translations.

I thought it was a very good, thoughtful interview.

problem is I don’t understand, if I think the world needs to extinguish gay people to save souls from being corrupted then I most follow that ?
it just doesn’t make sense

Conscience is not about what “you think”. It is about what you “know”, deep down, intuitively to be right and wrong, to be true and untrue. Conscience, is, as Blessed John Henry Newman once said (quoted in the Catechism), “the aboriginal Vicar of Christ”. Even if a non-believer has an erroneous conscience, suffering under invincible ignorance, he can discern the truth “through a glass darkly” and that is enough to bring him closer to his Saviour who is close to every human heart, urging us all towards the acceptance of divine grace, and perhaps lead him to live a moral life. This is well explained by St. Paul in the Book of Romans in relation to Gentiles who don’t have “the law”. The pope is addressing himself to non-believers such as the interviewer, people who have not been blessed with the sure knowledge of divine revelation. He is not speaking primarily in this part of the interview to Catholics but rather to all men and women of good will as a whole, particularly outside the body of the Church.

I think that you have simply misinterpreted what the pope has said, perhaps, because he is phrasing himself in a casual, conversational manner as well as to an atheist who would not understand specifically Catholic terminology. The context is fairly key here.

Utterly Predictable News Flash: Pope Mistranslated

Mis-translations aside, I love this Pope and I agree with what he is saying - it is the Gospel. Wow! I really like him. Pope Benedict xvi was right when he said that in seeing him (paraphrase) he has confirmation that he made the right decision and that Our Lord Jesus is indeed in accord. I can see this too, Francesco is our Pope! He is a real Pope who is being guided by the Holy Spirit. He is not just filling in for Benedict - he is our Pope.

Praise be to God! :slight_smile:

Beautifully said. I couldn’t agree more :thumbsup: If only some other Catholics on here would take a leaf out of your book, cease quibbling about his words, and simply appreciate the gift of the wonderful person currently occupying St. Peter’s Chair.


Woooo hoooo! :extrahappy:


And, he has a whip too. Watch out! He called the narcissists lepers. Let him clean house!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: I too LOVE Pope Francis! But there are quite a few so called Catholics that think he is being influenced by Satan. I ran across a bunch of such people on an anti-Vatican II group on Facebook. They attacked me and my beliefs to no end, as if they were influenced by hatred.

I really wish I could attend a Tradition Catholic Mass, with Gregorian chants, but there are none around me; however, I’m in full communion with the Holy See and I have nothing against post-Vatican II Church doctrine.

God bless Pope Francis!

Did Pope Francis just say that evangelization is “nonsense”? 8 things to know and share

in all the threads that I have read about the meaning of the various interviews, this has to be the most ridiculous comment so far

I was simply providing a warning. Mainstream media actively misinterprets Pope Francis basically every time he speaks; do you for some reason think it’s a bad idea to point this out? I never said not to read; nor did I say not to discuss it, and I certainly didn’t say you can’t / shouldn’t post it. All I said was that there’s a chance that it’s not entirely accurate. There’s no need to be a… to be rude.

Why? The Holy Father has said nothing, not once, that is in conflict with Catholic doctrine. I am personally wearied with the sheer number of threads filled with anxious people, nit-picking his every off-the-cuff sentence. I truly think that we have to appreciate his own unique manner and way of handling his papacy. It is in sure hands, given his academic pedigree, bountiful pastoral experience and so on.

Some people are nit-picking. And I will maintain that line. :slight_smile:

that’s akin to going and listening to to the most important speaker on a subject in a different language and when everyone wants a translation telling them stop nit- pitting and just enjoy the experience.
the church meaning on words are often far different than the secular worlds. of course everyone is highly interested in exactly what the pope is saying. That’s why your post is so ridiculous

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