Pope Francis ditches bulletproof Popemobile, says 'at my age I don't have much to lose'

(CNN) – Pope Francis has told a Spanish newspaper that he prefers not to use a bulletproof Popemobile despite the dangers of an assassination attempt because it is a glass “sardine can” which walls him off from people.

“It’s true that anything could happen, but let’s face it, at my age I don’t have much to lose,” he told Barcelona newspaper La Vanguardia in an interview published Friday and reported on in English by Vatican Radio.

“I know that something could happen to me, but it’s in the hands of God.”


He certainly has a sense of humor! lol

I wonder what folks will think if the next Pope starts to use the Popemobile again.

That worries me a little. It’s entirely reasonable to take safety measures when traveling through crowded streets. Maybe this is an effect of how long it’s now been since the JPII near-assassination. I hope it doesn’t take another assassination attempt to prevent people saying “oh, the bulletproof glass is back; this Pope is more cowardly or more distant from the people.”


I would presume the local governments will be providing some security, whether the Pope approves of the Popemobile or not.

Just like the old saying, “Trust in God, but lock your car.” :wink:

Ooo. I want a pope-mobile.
I wonder if they’re gonna sell it?:smiley:

Seriously. I’m surprised it took him this long to ditch it.
It certainly is not his style.

The problem is, that people will still try to shoot him now they think they have a chance of getting him and even if the bullet misses, the potential for collateral damage will be enormous.

I once saw a rocket shoot through a crowded hall of people and not harm a single one.
It shot through legs and under strollers and around heads before crashing into a wall and exploding. So … I guess, since nothing is impossible with God, even bullets fired into a crowd might hit no-one…

Yet one magic bullet can wound or kill several.

I doubt the Swiss guard is too happy about this.

I doubt it’s humor.

At his age, he has lived a full life and truly has nothing to lose…

He is the same age of my mother, and she makes similar comments, and they are not said in a context of humor at all, but real, solid honesty.

He wasnt being funny. He was being completely HONEST.


If Pope Francis is truly and authentically a REAL disciple of Christ, he is NOT worried about shedding his blood. Not one iota…

Only the present day culture demands that he should. Which is very different from what Christ expects and demands. VERY DIFFERENT.

He may have ditched the Popemobile, but I’ve $10 and a donut that says he is wearing soft body armor under his robes. :wink:

I frankly find the somewhat glib attitude a bit selfish. As often as he is seen holding children and embracing people, he makes himself and his followers a target. It also need endangers the lives of his security, who likely have families, who are there to protect him.

I guess I don’t see what the Holy Father is trying to accomplish…

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At least he gives a decent reason for it, because there are some people who are making loony statements to the effect of, “ZOMG Pope Francis = best pope eh-vurr! He doesn’t use bulletproof Popemobile and Pope Benedict was a meanie and… social justice… and… Latin Mass is evil and… Vatican II Vatican II Vatican II!!!”

Seriously if you read comments from people this is how a lot of people think^. I’m glad the pope is not a rabid ideologue. :slight_smile:

I suppose it’s more about prudence. Sts. Peter and Paul were willing to die, but I think they were trying to do it on God’s time, not their own. Jesus too shed His blood, but He was anything but reckless about the timing. The Pope-mobile doesn’t bother me one bit. Judgements about a person’s faith or holiness on account of using it, or not, is a bit superficial I think. Maybe because I played a defensive position in sports. :wink:

I don’t know if this is Pope Francis’ reasoning, this is just my thinking. The choice to go without the bulletproof protection is safer for the crowds who greet him, than if he he used on.

If some one really wants to kill the Pope, they’ll do so, and if he’s in a bulletproof mobile, they’ll use explosives thereby harming those nearby,

A bullet will be directed at him alone.

Not that this is a good thing, but it may be his reasoning for going without the bulletproof protection.

Of course, he could wear a bulletproof vest under his clothing, without an assassin knowing.


Pretty impressive example to think about.

So what’s the suggested alternative?

I don’t know honestly,I just read it and haven’t really placed any depth of throught into this. Its seems to me though he has singled himself out. When he first spoke as Pope he asked for my prayers, and they are with him.

In Christ’s day, there were no guns. I think what people are getting at is that if somebody shoots at the Pope, they could miss and hit a bystander or pedestrian. This move could possibly injure others.
If somebody was going to attack someone else in Christ’s day, it would be more one-and-one and you probably wouldn’t accidentally kill someone standing ten feet away.

It’s very brave of the Pope and yes, it is in a way more Christ-like, but I do see how it can be worrying.

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