Pope Francis dons a slicker to conduct an outdoor Mass in Tacloban as a typhoon approaches

Pope Francis dons a slicker to conduct an outdoor Mass in Tacloban as a typhoon approaches. cnn.it/1uacbg7


Pope Mobile heading back to plane.

**(Updated 11:53 a.m.local time) **Pope Francis will spend less time in Leyte Saturday due to inclement weather caused by Tropical Storm Amang.
At a press briefing in Manila, Interior Secretary Mar Roxas said the Pope will be flown back to Manila at 1 p.m. Saturday—four hours earlier than the scheduled 5 p.m. departure from Leyte. Source

Priceless smile and so full of life ! He is so expressive…Love this photo .Tks Guillam :slight_smile:

Don’t they have weather forecasters over in the Phillipines? I would think with all the people usually getting killed in typhoons…

We do. But it was Pope Francis who insisted and persisted.

During his homily, he shared that when he saw the devastation brought by Haiyan last year, he wanted to be here to be with the victims and survivors. So here he is.

This man is not the Pope. What happened to the Ark of Salvation??? To which outside of their is no salvation taught by the Magesterium of popes in the past before they ushered in the New Order mass. Wake up. Go to www.betrayedcatholics.com God have mercy on us

So welcoming and full of love. He looks like a joyful grandpa with all his grandchildren!

He stayed with his people and shared the fear, danger, and discomfort - a true pastor. We all pray that all goes well.


God bless Pope Francis.

May God bless our Pope.

Yeah, I like this photo a lot, too.:slight_smile:

Then it would somewhat ironic that hypothermia would result leading to more deaths and suffering. Just sayin…

PV, its hard to say. Rains and temperature ranges in tropical countries like the Philippines are still warmer than in temperate countries. You’d have to be submerged for a prolonged period of time to suffer hypothermia here.

After all, people there said their shivering stopped when they saw Pope Francis and heard him speak. His mere presence was enough to warm them emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Well we are used to stormy weather, so cases of death by hypothermia are… kinda rare I guess. :smiley:

According to the article, there seemed to have been special inconvenience to the people who came out, so I suppose in that sense they are to be commended for that alone.

I’ve been reading the news and following the papal visit to the Philippines. Due to a pending typhoon, the Holy Father had to leave earlier. I felt so sad when the people were sad. Especially after how he came to show them his support. I don’t know why I feel this way. In some ways, I feel his leaving early was justified and I thought of three possible reasons. The first is that if the typhoon were to strike and the pope were around, all the people would be concentrated in one place which could increase the number of casualties as opposed to if everyone was dispersed and getting ready for it. The second reason is that it is possible many would seek the well being of the pope instead of their own. The third is that should something happen to the pope, it would also have an effect on the whole Church.

At the same time, I don’t know why I feel like I really wanted him to stay, and seeing those people sad made me feel sad. But I’m sure the pope feels sadder and I trust the pope’s decision. I’m also really thankful that the pope took the time to visit the Philippines.

Any thoughts?


Take to heart that he was also deeply saddened by the circumstances. We saw it in his eyes when he apologized.

As you said, it could have resulted in the deaths or injuries of many more people. Is that what you really want?

I read that the pilot in charge of flying Pope Francis to his various destinations pushed the decision to leave early. Practical matters must be considered. I think the people who missed seeing him will still be blessed by his visit.

I know when Pope John Paul II visited Los Angeles in 1987, I could have gone to see him, but I was too wrapped up with work and family obligations at that time. But life goes on, and though I regret not seeing him in person, his visit here and his ministry remain an important part of my life.

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