Pope Francis: Easter Vigil homily (full text) [CWN]

“Peter ran to the tomb” (Lk. 24:12). What thoughts crossed Peter’s mind and stirred his heart as he ran to the tomb?The Gospel tells us that the eleven, including …


When i meditated on the first glorious mysteries of the rosary last night Peter and the emphy tomb. it’s exactly what I thought about.
What was going through Peters mind when he heard the news and despite misgivings checked the tomb for himself.
When he held the burial cloth did he think he would see his Master again. If he did what could say to him. What would Jesus say to him about his denials in the face of his bravado. On one level he was filled with joy but on another level he had to be afraid he had forfeited that trust he was
Peter was a human being with all our frailties.Im always struck by Peters humility how would we even know of his betrayal unless it was something he readily shared with others.

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