'Pope Francis effect' credited with boosting Italian congregations


This is great news! I think the ‘Francis effect’ has hit me to. :slight_smile:


Let’s hope this keeps on going! :slight_smile:

Very cool. :slight_smile:

Pope Francis Effect TM

I’m sure it has been going on in other countries as well. I’m glad that it has

Pope Francis, who was noted for his simple lifestyle while archbishop of Buenos Aires, has refused the opulent trappings of the papacy and repeatedly advocated a simpler, poorer and less bureaucratic church. Some of his initiatives have also suggested he intends decentralising the administration of the world’s biggest Christian denomination.

When I look at Pope Francis here, through the CAF lens, there is a lot about him that I don’t get.

But for those on the outside looking in, I think this is what they see, someone who is standing up for a poor, less bureaucratic, and decentralized church.

This is the church that many of them left; the Francis Effect may all about them returning to the kind of church that he is advocating.

That is something that I can relate to too.

I hope the sacrament of Penance gets a boost too.

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