Pope Francis: elimination of nuclear weapons is moral imperative [CWN]

In a message to a United Nations conference on nuclear weapons, Pope Francis said that the “ultimate goal of the total elimination of nuclear weapons” is “both a challenge and a moral and humanitarian imperative.”


Makes no sense to boycott the Pope’s attempt to ban Nuclear Weapons. What’s the harm to listen and discuss ways to ban Nuclear Weapons while keeping a limited number pointed at North Korea.

I agree with this 1000%. I think that nuclear weapons are the greatest danger to our survival. In an ever less stable world, they become more and more dangerous.

Although it is unlikely that anything could have ever been done to prevent their invention, that they still exist today needs to be remedied. They have absolutely no practical use in the 21st century.

I pray that one day we won’t have to live with the threat of nuclear holocaust hanging over our heads. There should be enough people in high places with self-preservation in mind to bring about the end of the single worst invention in human history.

NOTE: I acknowledge that using nukes to end World War 2 likely saved hundreds of thousands of lives - if not millions - but I wonder more and more often if it was worth it.

I don’t believe nuclear weapons exist.

What the pope asks for cannot be accomplished outside of the second coming. It’s no small miracle that one hasn’t been used in the last 70 years!

There could never be a stable society without a monarchy.

There could never be education for the commoners.

There could never be women serving in leadership positions.

There could never be a Christian Emperor of Rome.

There could never be a prophet from Nazareth.

Sure you can eliminate nukes. It might take 2 centuries, but the groundwork has already begun.

It’s impossible.
It really would take the establishment of God’s kingdom. Man cannot do this. In 2 centuries nukes will have been used again in warfare.

It’s an odd position to take.

Or when mankind invents a more deadly weapon. Im fairly sure there is some Govt R&D lab out there right now, working on finding something much more destructive than a nuke, its only a matter of time.

God’s kingdom has already been established on Earth. It has been here for a , long, long time, and it is fully within God’s power to work through man to eliminate nuclear weapons. Prayer can accomplish that and far more.

On what logic do you base this, my wife’s late grandfather was a Col. in the Soviet armed forces and was posted to a city which was closed to all foreigners and most other Soviet citizens due to it been near a nuclear power plant and nuclear launch site. I assure you nuclear weapons do indeed exist.

I would think copious proof of their existence existing would make it hard to contend they do not exist.

because the nuclear atom likely doesnt exist and einsteinian physics are a lie and even by mainstream physics its impossible to split an atom.

On what do you base this?

Interesting. Can you elaborate?

What is “the nuclear atom”? Do you mean the atomic nucleus?

You realize there are people who have seen nuclear weapons explode with their own eyes, right? People who have died of radiation poisoning that only makes sense given an understanding of atomic structure substantially like the one we have now? Countries that have spent decades and vast quantities of money building up nuclear arsenals?

“Einsteinian physics are a lie”? Really, now. And what have you discovered that makes that claim plausible?

“Even by mainstream physics it’s impossible to split an atom.” It’s true that the word “atom” means “indivisible,” but “mainstream physics” has known for more than a hundred years that what we call atoms are made up of still smaller particles. Heck, forget particle physics – everyday chemistry doesn’t make any sense without electrons existing and doing their thing.

Einsteinian physics aswell as quantum physics are purely theoretical they’ve never been observed in a lab,mankind is still primitive in regards to its understanding of physics I would say Electric Universe theory is more plausible or russellian science but the latter just seems like occult monism to me.

note:I don’t condone his alternative’‘russellian science’'but he does a good job of exposing quantum quackery and einsteinian psy-ence


youtube.com/watch?v=PpFhwU_EL6k The Nuclear Atom Fraud debunked by Dewey B Larson Part 1



The Case Against
the Nuclear Atom
by Dewey B. Larson

Physics is still in its primitive stage,we just don’t know much about the material world or what causes it,I reject russellian science as an alternative,I think Walter Russell was given visions by demons.


just type in google’‘physics lie’'and youll get alot of information on it,anyone can search it.

as for electrons being the basis of modern chemistry,you do know that they essentially sell the same product but 10,000 x its worth because they claim its a '‘new substance’'and claim its different?adderall and Meth are the exact same substance yet one is legal because of the bogus claim there are '‘different atoms linked’'or whatever.


this is an almost hour long video to those interested in how modern day physics is wrong about every atheistic lie it promotes

The Reality of Quasars and a Break Down of Einstein’s Flaws by Michael Suede from Fascist Soup

if youre wondering WHY would physics be a lie and why they would promote it knowing its a lie?

because the Rothschilds supported physicists like eintein with loads of money and media attention so that scientists like Walter Russell or nikola Tesla who found out how to create free energy technology(Russell optic dynamo) and Transmutation of chemicals to a lesser extent would be obscure and the energy barons would have a monopoly on getting rich while they rape this planet and destroy the earth.

Free energy technology and transmutation would stop all wars,resource competition etc

the pharmeceutical industry needs this lie aswell because they can’t sell their poison in opposition to natural cures for diseases(Coconut oil’s lauric acid kills ALL viruses and bacteria,including HIV!imagine how unneccassery antibiotics are)without the myth that these are different chemical substances based on the number of atoms linked.

all scientists need money to practice their experiments,and ther people who give them that money decide the outcome of the experiment.most things with '‘experiments backing it up’'are just lies funded by the powers that be.

My late mum was a nurse, she worked with some of the first HIV patients in the UK and Ireland. Imagine if they had only known that a quick trip down to the West Indian supermarket nearby for some coconut oil and they and the nursing sisters could have cured everyone…

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