Pope Francis encourages mothers to breastfeed in the Sistine Chapel


VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Francis baptized 32 babies in the Sistine Chapel on Sunday and told their mothers, including one who was married in a civil service rather than in church, to have no qualms about breast-feeding them there.

“Today the choir will sing but the most beautiful choir of all is the choir of the infants who will make a noise. Some will cry because they are not comfortable or because they are hungry,” he said in a familiar, relaxed tone to the parents.

“If they are hungry, mothers, feed them, without thinking twice. Because they are the most important people here,” he said, speaking in the same room where he was elected on March 13 as the first non-European pope in 1,300 years.

Why do I get the feeling that if the same thing happened under +Benedict, the headlines would have read

MSNBC “Pope views women as breeding milk cows”

CNN “Pope wants topless women at Mass”

Every time I hear more news about Pope Francis (I am sorely tempted to append ‘The Good’ to his name) I am yet more impressed.

I just pray that the rest of the Church follows his loving example.

I have to say i like the present pope, he can baptist my son if i was close enough to ask him, but i hopefully will have that done by a priest in a neighboring parish who say i can get confirmed at Easter and my son will be bapisted at the same time, my daughter who is five has to wait a little longer, we are converting over from the C of E.

I take both my children to mass every Sunday my son is now 7months and i still breast feed him but i wouldn’t in a church as i get frowns just feeding him baby food, so breast feeding would cause to much trouble. Good on any woman who has the courage to do it, i have fed my son even on a bus, looking at it now seems strange that i wouldn’t feed him in a church but i guess i would be dealing with people not God, dealing with disapproving looks would be a bit hard to deal with.

Have the same feeling Brendan!! The power of the media is a very disturbing aspect of society!!



Take note of the media source (Yahoo) and the possibility for spinning the headline and narrative, and then proceed with extreme caution and skepticism with this news story.

No, they’d make some sort of poor Star Wars allusion.

This isn’t the Catholic church you’re looking for…


Haha, so true! That does seem quite likely to me.

The title of this thread had me doing a double take, and then laughing out loud. :smiley:

Not every news story requires (or even asks for) a comparison between this pope and the last one or a rehashing of the problems with mainstream media. :rolleyes: In a culture that continues to view public breastfeeding as obscene and/or distasteful, I can’t applaud Francis’ comments enough!

Congratulations, Qaletaga, on the birth of your sweet little son and on you and your family coming into the Church.

I hope you can find a place and a way to nurse your sweet child even at Mass. I’ve nursed all of my children in Mass. With a nice blanket or wrap to cover your little one, others may not even notice that he is nursing - just resting under his blanket on Mama’s lap. Don’t worry if someone frowns, they may be frowning for any number of reasons.


No doubt.

They seem to be still stuck on Pope Benedict’s “leaner and meaner Church.”

I love that man. :thumbsup:

CBC " Vatican Gone Wild"

Often nursing mothers have other little ones that can’t be left by themselves. And even when there is someone old enough to watch the other little ones there is often no place to nurse in the back of the Church even if it is a first baby. It is ridiculous for a nursing mother to have to leave the church and sit in a car to nurse her baby. I think most nursing mothers who are also devout Catholics have the right intuition and have not been ashamed to discreetly nurse their infants in church. Nevertheless, some of us may have had a slight concern for what others may think. I think this happens more than most people know because the mothers are so discreet with their coverings. It is good to hear this support from Our Holy Father.

This reminded me of an article I read over at Catholictothemax: catholictothemax.com/blog/beauty-in-the-small-things/church-future-joann/

What it made me realize is that the attitude and openness to the beauty of children, life, and family of the laity is really important.

Children should be welcomed in parishes. Not frowned upon.

Did any other Pope ever address this issue? I am just glad Pope Francis thought to address and has the wisdom to give such a good message. I feel truly blessed to have been raised by the Jesuits.

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