Pope Francis endorses the "hermeneutic of reform in continuity"

**Francis endorses the “hermeneutic of reform in continuity”
Papal letter praises critic of “Bologna School” as “best interpreter of the Second Vatican Council” **

On Oct. 7th, Pope Francis wrote a letter to Archbp. Agostino Marchetto, in which he said “I once told you, dear Abp. Marchetto, and I wish to repeat it today, that I consider you to be the best interpreter of the Second Vatican Council.”

This is significant because Archbp. Marchetto is one of the primary champions of the “hermeneutic of continuity” school of thought on Vat II as proposed by Pope Benedict XVI. Archbp. Marchetto is also one of the primary critics of the “hermeneutic of rupture” school of thought.

Here is a link to the original La Repubblica article in Italian (you can Google translate it, but the translation is pretty bad):


And here is a link to a readable translation from Rorate Caeli:



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