Pope francis' exact words?

what is the direct quote from AL that has started this whole confusing mess? does anyone have that on hand?

I’ve read so many things now that I don’t remember what the original was.


Are you talking about chapter eight of Amoris laetitia?

A useful guide has been written by two Catholic theologians, John Finnis and Germain Grisez, explaining how the various ambiguous paragraphs and footnotes may be used to misinterpret AL in contradiction to the teachings of the Church.

A news article about their letter can be found here:


There is a link to their letter (in pdf format) in the first paragraph of the article. It’s 37 pages long, but provides some good detail with references to the specific areas of AL which are being exploited to support a change in moral teaching. Most of these tend to come from chapter 8 of AL.

yes, I suppose I am

the document isn’topening for me though. I know the “problematic” paragraphs are not very long. could someone copy them?

Perhaps you might find the discussion of the paragraph you’re trying to ID in Jimmy Akin’s analysis of the document?

I found it actually.

unless you approach the document with an already established agenda, I am not sure how anyone can possibly think that he is saying the door is open for the divorced and remarried to receive communion. he’s saying no such thing

True. the document does NOT open the door…

Gorgias gave Jimmy Akins synopsis of Amoris laetitia , that 255 page dociument.

Jimmy shows where Pope Francis is not loosening the standards. The pope is giving the traditional caveats spoken of in the CCC for one in or not in mortal sin.

that said

Jimmy’s final points

. the large number of cautions contained in the text regarding such things as:

[FONT=&quot](all emphasis mine)
*]The obligation to proclaim God’s full vision of marriage, not watering it down with “a lukewarm attitude, any kind of relativism, or an undue reticence in proposing that ideal” (AL 307).
*]That people in such situations should either become sacramentally married (AL 293) or separate (AL 298) or live as brother and sister (cf. AL footnote 329).
*]People who flout Church teaching on marriage need to listen to the gospel message and convert (AL 297).
*]That misunderstandings like a “priest can quickly grant ‘exceptions’” must be avoided (AL 300).
*]That cognitive or psychological conditions must exist which keep a person’s objective grave sin from becoming mortal (AL 301-302, 307).
*]The need to avoid scandal (AL 299).

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