Pope Francis excommunicates dissident Australian priest


MELBOURNE, Australia — Pope Francis has ordered the excommunication of a Catholic priest in Australia who illicitly offered Mass, taught that women should be ordained priests and advocated for redefining marriage to include homosexual couples.

An Archdiocese of Melbourne spokesman said the Pope had ordered the excommunication of Father Greg Reynolds, who has also been dismissed from the clerical state, according to the Australian Associated Press.

Attaboy, Holy Father. :thumbsup:

Pope Francis is not playing around. Good job

Already a thread on this: :smiley:


Thank you, Lord, for the leadership and example of Pope Francis.

Said priest is bemused that a ‘simple and humble’ pope like Francis could do such a thing. Maybe this excommunicate should not base his image of the Holy Father on media reports? :smiley:

We sure don’t need any more wolves in sheep’s clothing!
Thank you Holy Father.

HH Francis has times when he’s the heart-warming humble man, and times when he’s bold and a leader to his flock, taking them away from the darkness. He has times when he brings the emotion to the heart of the faithful, and he has times when he brings a high expression of authority for defiants of the faith, hitting them unexpectedly in the head.

I love this man! :smiley:

Never forget, Pope Francis may be the Pope, but he is also a Jesuit, and where matters of the faith and obedience to Holy Mother the Church are concerned, the Jesuits are as tough as they come!

My apologies. I searched before posting the thread, too (honestly) :o

It had to be done.

There is already a thread on this topic in this forum

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