Pope Francis Favorability at 70% in US


57% of Americans had favorable view of Pope Francis when he began papcy in 2013; now, it’s 70% pewrsr.ch/2jom5Yu


Glad that people like Pope Francis, but this is such a strange poll.

Here is a man who claims to be the Vicar of Christ and the Successor of St. Peter (both of which are true) and there is some percentage of people polled who think he’s either lying or mistaken to claim these titles, but they still view him favorably. I don’t really understand their mindset.


Nice. Rock on Holy Father.


I can explain it if you like.

He is a kind, warm, generous, sincere, honest, person who seems more concerned with living the values he holds to the best of his abilities than telling other people they are being evil.

I like all of those traits. I wish I had all of those traits. I don’t agree God is real, but regardless I can get behind helping the poor, cutting back on extravagances, and trying to treat other people with love and respect. He is way more likely to win me over than people who aren’t the slightest bit kind telling me that I am going to hell for selfishly rejecting God.

There are plenty of atheists I know who I think are right about there being no gods, but I can’t stand them because they think that this gives them license to be jerks.


Thank you for sharing, truly. So it does not bother you that this man claims to rule by the authority of a man who was God and have powers that bind in heaven?


Well, let me ask you this (I think CuriousCat will like my explanation). Don’t you appreciate how the the Mormon community, as a whole, is so loving? The Mormons are very welcoming people, and they have strong family values. And yet, do you agree with everything the Mormons do and believe? The point is, you don’t have to agree with every single aspect of someone to admire them.





Ok, yes! That makes sense. I do love Mormons, and I don’t believe most of what they believe, but I very much appreciate the impact Mormons have on American culture. Thanks for this example.


Glad to be of help!:slight_smile:


So we have a poll that people accept. :thumbsup:

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