Pope Francis : "God willed the plurality of religions"


Another strong post. Ursine logic good.


Thanks! I’m glad you explained it to me I didn’t really understand it.


Nor did I maintain it was.


Is this document infallible/binding?


It’s more likely that your remains will exist longer than those memories. Matter can’t be destroyed so maybe it will just remain forever.


Our souls will still exist and be either with God in Paradise, or without God, which is hell.



And obviously not Catholic teaching. :smiley:



so, dear friend, how do you explain your ability to choose right from wrong and animals don’t? how is it you can understand and philosophize? and recognize yourself on a mirror and have opinions?


If you’re right, then no harm no foul. No body including you will know you were right and everybody else was wrong. It’s lights out forever.


If you are wrong, then a gazillion years from now, hell is still hell. There is no clock in the after life. No seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks months, years eons. Just The eternal now. And no there is no faith or hope that hell will change or end. All realities in actions had to be done on this side of eternity.


Then why would there be a heaven if He’s a sadist? Also the lunatic part isn’t very clear.


well, you are alluding to elements I have not mentioned. I have narrowed my questions to be purely biological. The mention of religion and mystical reasons are not biological. Since you are strictly a biological advanced amiba, well, how do you philosophize?


You have been given the choices. And you have made your choice.


It isn’t that effective so probably not.


Are you aware you’re in a Catholic Forum, attacking Catholic beliefs ?



On the contrary, the Triune God is pure Love.
He created us with Free Will, so that we could freely choose him and not be slaves of Love and goodness.
However, if we reject him (through sin) God won’t force us, so we end up away from God, for all eternity, a state called Hell, absent of Love, and we naturally suffer from that absence.


sating what? control by whom?


I’m sure he’s aware they’re contrary.


I already know that. Our present bodies are corruptible, susceptible to Creation’s laws and other living beings.
However, in our Final Judgement we will resurrect in new, incorruptible (glorified) bodies to live in the Kingdom of God. These bodies may not even be material, as the nature of this Kingdom, when perfected, is eternal (without time or space).


You shouldn’t bother replying.


I’m not sure what to make of this passage in the document: " The West can discover in the East remedies for those spiritual and religious maladies that are caused by a prevailing materialism."
If it were referring to the Eastern Christian monastics, I’d say okay, yes, there are some great practices there. But I don’t think that is the reference. Besides which, the Catholic faith already contains all such remedies.

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