Pope Francis hails motherhood as the 'antidote to individualism'


This maternal martyrdom, the pontiff noted, consists of a mother’s ability to offer herself in silence, prayer and total surrender, “without any fanfare,” to her motherly duties.

I wouldn’t mind marriage and motherhood, but can’t because of health reasons :frowning: - then articles like this make me feel I’m being selfish and individualistic for some reason for not making babies - I try to find alternatives in life to be of service to others, I hope that is acceptable :(.

Of course it is acceptable. I once heard it said that all women have a maternal vocation and all men have a paternal vocation, even if they are not actual mothers or fathers. There are probably going to be many children and others in your life to whom you will be a motherly figure.

As to Pope Francis praise of motherhood, I couldn’t help but smile thinking that if someone like Cardinal Burke had said the same thing he would be immediately criticized for proposing traditional female “roles.”

Ya I just figured God doesn’t want me married and having kids, at least for the moment… I have my younger brothers and cousins to help support, and any kids they may have :). I also try to show my appreciation to MY mother for all that she has sacrificed for us.

I’m getting really tired of Pope Francis’ gender stereotypes. So men cannot be self-sacrificing or transmit the faith to their children? They don’t grieve when their children die in wars? I know that my father is more religious than my mother and is one of the most generous and saintly people I know. And women can only be gentle and tender and participate in motherhood or traditional “caring” professions? How does one explain Margaret Thatcher or Angela Merkel then?

Of course men can be self-sacrificing and transmit the Faith! They just can’t be mothers.

They can be fathers, which encompasses much of being a mother other than pregnancy, childbirth, and breast feeding. Pope Francis would have been fine if he stuck with discussing parents rather than going off into his usual Ozzie and Harriet stereotypes.

I hope for a time where we in the affluent west can give as much credit to the full time mother and her luminous presence in the lives of not just her own children but other children in the neighbourhood and wider spheres of communal life. I think the value of the Popes words will be more meaningful to those in third world countries who are still in touch with the wide tent of the motherly vocation within a community.

Pope Francis is so right.

I think Westerners can’t really grasp a lot of what the Holy Father says, because he’s speaking quite past them (In a good way). Just like you said, his words will have greater effect to those still aware and involved in these types of vocations.

It is a shame that Westerners have been so brainwashed by the Enlightenment…

I think Pope Francis is saying that motherhood provides the opportunity for self giving love. He is by no means saying that is the only way for women to do that. I don’t think Pope Francis is saying that.

The high abortion countries have traditionally been Vietnam, Russia, Cuba and other countries. So this has been in the way it has been in Communist countries, much of the 3rd world is in turmoil. Actually, in Latin America, Mexico is even averaging 2 children families.

So I do believe the Pope’s words apply to everyone.

Yes, a mother can be a president or a CEO, or physician or anything she wants, but if she is a mother, that is her most important job and the one with the most lasting legacy. The same can be said of fathers, but the Pope was talking about mothers here.

Ok, that’s good. I just wish he would be more inclusive to all women in whatever calling God has for them, and to encourage THAT. "Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum, Domine. " In my case I would feel like I would be going AGAINST God’s will if I were to marry and have kids… :(.

Hmm, why would you think that you would be going against God’s will? Most of us are called to marriage. Whether or not a particular individual marries is another thing.

This is just my humble opinion, but the Pope tailors his speeches to whoever he is talking to. So in this particular case, he is talking to mothers, hence his reference to motherhood.

Lol, I guess I mean if it isn’t God’s will for me to marry because of health reasons, then it wouldn’t be God’s will for me TO marry. Ah well, I’m glad He made the decision for me , I’m not going to worry about it ;). God bless all the mothers!

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