Pope Francis: Half-hearted Catholics aren't really Catholics at all

VATICAN CITY (CNS) – Those who insist others pray and believe exactly like they do, those who have alternatives to every church teaching, and benefactors who use the church as a cover for business connections may call themselves Catholics, but they have one foot out the door, Pope Francis said.

“Many people say they belong to the church,” but in reality have “only one foot inside,” the pope said June 5 at the morning Mass in the chapel of his residence.

“For these people, the church is not home,” but is a place they use as a rental property, he said, according to Vatican Radio.

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“They strut around proud of being benefactors, but in the end, under the table, make their deals,” he said.

I’d like to know more about these.

First, very much disagree that the title of the thread actually reflects what he said.

Second, this is worthy of reading what he actually said.

[quote=Pope: Half-hearted Catholics aren’t really Catholics at all]The first group, he said, believe that everyone in the church should be just like them. “They are rigid! They do not have that freedom the Holy Spirit gives,” and they confuse what Jesus preached with their “own doctrine of uniformity.”

“Jesus never wanted the church to be so rigid,” Pope Francis said. Such people “call themselves Catholics, but their rigid attitude distances them from the church.”

[quote=Pope: Half-hearted Catholics aren’t really Catholics at all]The second group, those with alternative teachings and doctrines, “has a partial belonging to the church. These, too, have one foot outside the church,” he said. “They rent the church,” not recognizing that its teaching is based on the preaching of Jesus and the apostolic tradition.

These first two groups are related.

Group 1 individuals think they are attacking what they perceive are Group 2 individuals when in fact they are not.

Group 2 individuals think they are free to ignore what they perceive are Group 1 individuals when in fact they are not.

[quote=Pope: Half-hearted Catholics aren’t really Catholics at all]Members of the third group “call themselves Christians but don’t enter into the heart of the church,” they use the church “for personal profit,” the pope said. “We have all seen them in parish or diocesan communities and religious congregations; they are some of the benefactors of the church.”

Not exactly sure what is meant here, but the way I see it, there are individuals in parishes I have been involved with that do so much for the parish that they think they are truly above all those other people who don’t do nearly as much as they do. There is this attitude of ‘I do so much for this parish and others just don’t do as much as I do’. They are involved in parish life for the sake of personal profit (i.e. ‘Look at me, I’m a good Christian’) as the Pope suggests instead of the purpose furthering the Kingdom of God.

So are cafeteria catholics in group 2?

On my darker days, I think we’re all cafeteria Catholics to one degree or another.

The Pope is a bit of a sniper, don’t you think? I love it when it’s going away from me, not so much when it’s coming at me. This time I think he got us all. Think of it as fraternal correction, I guess. :wink:

Pope Francis is doing what the Lord called all men that hold the office to do, tend and feed. Doesn’t mean we will always like what is in the spiritual spoon.

He also says he wants the church to be a “home” for everybody. However I agree with that statement to an extent. Why call your self Catholic if you pay no attention to the rules or do not attend mass or receive any of the sacraments?

Does anyone have the full text of the homily? I found a partial video here: jceworld.blogspot.ca/2014/06/pope-francis-church-is-not-house-to.html

Personally I’d like more clarification on who the uniformists are and what symptoms to look for, since if I belong to any of the above, then that one is the most likely.

With my tongue firmly in cheek and no intent to offend:

Yes they are, and those who use the word “cafeteria catholics” may just find themselves in group 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

I picked up this story from CNS. It seems they got it from Vatican Radio here. Although now it has been mentioned, I can’t find a direct quote for “Half-hearted Catholics aren’t really Catholics at all”…Hmmmmm

Haha, good observation.

I think Pope Francis pretty much has us all figured out. I know which group I tend towards.

Oh I am so sorry. I am a convert of only 6 years and the term “cafeteria catholic” is a term I have learned since becoming catholic.
I was only trying to clarify what the post was saying.
I guess you must belong to group 2 then.

I can honestly say that I can’t remember ever encountering anyone who insisted that I pray and believe exactly like they do. Wonder if that’s another translation error ?

You’ve never seen anybody claim that the Latin mass is better or more holy than the vernacular? Personally I only see it on the internet but I don’t discuss prayer or worship in day to day all that often.

I know people who have a very definite preference for the EF, but that falls a long way short of insisting that someone prays and believes as they do. I did have someone tell me in the late 90’s that I MUST say the rosary every day, but that was a priest in the confessional.

Okay, so I want very much to see a better translation and the full text. It seems on one hand the Holy Father is saying that Catholics who hold fast to Church teachings are not true Catholics, yet on the other hand Catholics who do not hold to Church teachings are not Catholics. They cancel each other out…so that would mean no one in either group are true Catholics. That leaves a middle group of people who are basically lukewarm (neither cold or hot for Church teachings). I love Pope Francis and mean no disrespect at all, and my the Lord Bless His Vicar completely–I just cannot believe that is a good translation, because it means no on is a true Catholic–not even one person.

It seems, then, that every person has only one foot in the Church, for people who hold fast to all Church teachings are too rigid, and people who think others should do as they do are not proper Catholics, and people who do not hold fast to the Church teachings have only one foot in the door, and those people who create alternative teachings have only one foot in the door, and those people who use the Church for one’s own benefit also have only one foot in the door.

So, no one is truly Catholic? :slight_smile:

Mea culpa, mea culpa. Where’s that Litany of Humility…

Cheer up, it wasn’t directed at you specifically; I have no idea what kind of person you are.

My observation was simply that many of those who use the term “cafeteria Catholic” a lot often (not always, not necessarily you) have a tendency of labelling people as if they belonged to group 2, even if they don’t. Too many confuse orthodoxy and conservatism these days.

I prefer to think I belong to neither group, but in reality, we all fall into one or both of them at times. They’re both the product of basic human flaws.

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