Pope Francis has been anathemized

“Today, on 2 August 2013, the Eastern Christian Church celebrates the feast of St. Prophet Elijah. On this day, the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate by authority of the Triune God declares an anathema – God’s curse (Gal 1:8-9) – on the Roman Bishop Francis Bergoglio. The reason is that he abused the Church office to break the law of God. He promotes amoral homosexual views, which is contrary to the essence of the Gospel and destroys all moral values.”


Is this, like, the Eastern Catholic equivalent of Pope Michael or something?

That’s what I was wondering. :confused:

They are clearly schismatics: vkpatriarhat.org.ua/en/?page_id=185

At least they are fair–they anathematized Benedict too, it seems, or at least they refer to him as “ex-pope Benedict”: vkpatriarhat.org.ua/en/?p=6578


Well then, it’s nothing any of us should get into a tizzy about then, is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

From their history:

“On 3rd March 2008, the episcopal consecration of four Basilian monks from the Pidhirtsi monastery was made public…Silence of the Pope in the case of the episcopal consecrations in Ukraine was taken as an endorsement.”

Must be nice to have it both ways.:rolleyes:

He is an ex-Pope (or as his official title goes Pope Emeritus). The Papacy is an office which Benedict no longer holds.

Kinda figured. I know next to nothing about Eastern Catholics but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t organize themselves around such an awful web site. It looks like it was designed by a middle schooler in 1998.

What has to go wrong with your head to think this is a legitimate expression of the faith?:shrug:

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate is a schismatic group which broke away form The Ukrainian Greek catholic church.

I believe they have already declared an anathema on Pope emeritus Benedict and Bl John Paul 2.I would not give any consideration at all to these statements. They are no different than the sedevacantist groups who refuse to accept Vatican 2.

This group fails to understand that Pope Francis is NOT promoting homosexual acts,but is seeking to bring lost sinners into the bosom of the Church.You do NOT do that by promoting hate and division,but through love and preaching the gospel.God will do the rest.

Vatican doctrinal office warns Catholics against schismatic group

Ack! that website!

I may be Lutheran, but I do know one thing - God’s church probably doesn’t use a lot of Comic Sans.

Thanks for sharing that. I agree with my Lutheran brother-in-Christ above that the true Church probably wouldn’t use comic sans. LOL.

I’m always interested in these schismatic groups that pop up often, they each claim a different time for when “the church turned away” or whatever. Thanks for sharing!

Pray for this group

Something on which we can all agree.

Is outrage!

Another reason why they can’t be the true Church: They don’t seek the truth in small matters. They judged solely based on a news article instead of investigating further, thereby separating themselves from the world, and therefore could not maintain to be Catholic, for to be the Catholic Church, they must hold to the meaning of Catholic, that is one Universal Church.

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