Pope Francis - holiest man alive today

As far as people who I know personally, or know of, IMO Pope Francis is the most Christ-like and therefore the holiest person that I personally know of walking the Earth right now.

Would any of you agree that at least as far as you can see the Holy Father is literally the most Christlike man on Earth?

If you disagree, do you have somebody you can name who you personally think exudes the Holy Spirit more than the Holy Father?

Any really holy monk or Priest you know who literally every time they open their mouth it’s as if Christ Himself were speaking?? Or very holy Nun whose every word seems to be a word the Blessed Virgin inspired and would have spoke herself?



Ah! Papa Benedict!

A very close second or even a tie with Pope Francis in my book.

Definitely a Prophet and a living Saint.


Not denying his holiness at all but I see many future, present Saints fighting many battles in their quiet, modest, humble ways that nobody notices. They will continue to do so until they are called home to be with their Father.


A very good man! We’re so fortunate he stepped down to help the next Pope transition. He’s very wise :smile:

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I definitely agree there are millions of Saints right now.

Pope Francis is just the one who I am most sure of and aware of.

I don’t know why I should believe he’s the holiest…but you guys go ahead. That being said, I’m sure he’s holier than me.


Probably not.

Holiness is a far quieter thing. Jesus spoke very very sparingly.


I love my Papa so much!

I just want to hug him and sit on his lap like a child and rest my head on his breast like John did to Jesus…

Except I’m 6’ tall and weigh 250lbs… so pretty sure I’d hurt him :frowning: lol


Fr. Amorth is quite Holy too!


But Fr. Amorth is literally a Saint now, no longer in the flesh on Earth.

He went to Paradise this year.

St. Gabriel Amorth, ora pro nobis!


I’ve never felt that towards anyone, really. I guess I lack some love in me.

It’s not that I agree or disagree, it’s that there are billions of people out there, and I don’t know every single one of them. Not all of them are in the public like Pope Francis is.

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Just Jesus for me. What I wouldn’t give to just run up to Him and have a big old bear hug from Him. Hopefully one day.


I’m 6’ and 165 lbs so I’ll just bow before him. :sweat_smile:

I have daddy issues, lol.

My actual dad is a… not very warm man.

I think I see in Pope Francis what I wish my actual dad was.


Okay, I can share with that sentiment.

Don’t get me wrong Cajun…

If Jesus appeared to me now, he’d have to have an angel physically pull me off him to get me to stop kissing his feet.


I know I’d probably be bawling my eyes out as well. I cry for anything. I’d get His robe all wet. LOL!

Not saying I’m worthy to even touch His feet much less hug Him. But I hope one day I can.

I lost my dad at a young age, so father figures are always distant to me.

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