Pope Francis Hopes To Reunite With Orthodox Church, Sends Greetings To Patriarch Of Constantinople Bartholomew I

Pope Francis Hopes To Reunite With Orthodox Church, Sends Greetings To Patriarch Of Constantinople Bartholomew I


Good stuff! :smiley:

I’m overjoyed that this Pontiff is carrying the torch of Christian Unity borne by his predecessor.

As am I. It will never happen if people just sit around hoping rather than actually attempting to make it happen. It is encouraging to see them both working together.

If this ever happens in my life time, I will probably die of joy. It would also be unprecedented in history for a event like this to ever happen. This can only be done buy Christ himself, and by works of the Holy Spirit.

Praise be God for ever and ever! One day all of the Holy Church will be united again!


I also think what Pope Benedict did with the Anglican converts helped set the table for such things. For those interested, I did some recent research on Catholic-Orthodox unity based on the papacy and 2011 comments by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware.

My question is how will the Orthodox laity respond?

This is really interesting, thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Thank YOU. :o

That would be the most glorious thing to happen to the Church in probably the past five centuries.

more like 10 centuries (Catholic Answers would be a close 2nd :D)

My guess is most would just split off and form new “Traditional”, “Authentic”, “Genuine”, etc… Orthodox jurisdictions.

I always pray for unity among Christians. Any movement in that direction is welcome.

My dreams are coming true. And if they can do it without radically changing any doctrine, then let’s reunite with the Protestants!


I think many Orthodox might be scandalized by Liturgical abuses in a lot of parishes. They don’t put up it that. Don’t get me wrong, I yearn for the reunion! Having said that, we’d have to clean those issues up, and it could be a hard road.

They would stay in their own Rite and keep going to their own Churches. They wouldn’t have to deal with it any more or less than a current Eastern Catholic needs to deal with a Roman Rite Parish.

Reunification would have happened centuries ago, if it were up to the popes and the patriarchs. The difference is that the holy men of religious orders in the east are very influential, and they are not as ready to submit to the will of their bishops, as the situation that has developed in the West.

This. ^
And a lot of the laity are very negative about it. Some Catholics living in the West might be astonished at the litany of supposed and factual wrongs and atrocities that many Orthodox can reel off that the Catholics did to the Orthodox over the centuries.

That is one of the many reasons why today there is a reluctance on the part of the Orthodox to be in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. In addition, there are other issues preventing reunion such as: papal infallibility and universal supremacy, Purgatory, filioque, Immaculate Conception of Mary, divorce and remarriage, artificial birth control, baptism by triple immersion as the norm, unleavened bread, statues, Lenten fasting provisions, making the sign of the cross correctly as it was done historically in both east and west before the change to the western form. Unless the Roman Catholic Church changes its teaching on these issues and adopts the Orthodox teaching on these issues, I seriously doubt whether the Orthodox Church would be willing to accept reunion.

It isn’t a question of just crankiness and a victim mentality. There are very serious differences between us, and they are not just a question of “We use Icons and a lot of Incense.”
From our point of view, Reunion will only occur when the Latin Church returns to it’s Orthodoxy.

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