Pope Francis' humility: stops by hotel to pay bill


For some reason he comes across, at least to me, as similar to JP I. Does anyone else get that impression of him?

A bit of an inappropriate comment, considering the shortness of JPI’s reign, doncha think?

I dont know how old you are, However JP I was loved on day one. He was so admired the next Pope took the Name John Paul II.

So for the 33 days that JP I was the Pope, people loved him. I get that same feeling with this new Pope. I know that JP II was loved and admired, but JP I had a different manner about himself. I always wished the JP I had not died so suddenly. But I firmly believe he was placed there so that JP II would be chosen as Pope. I also though Pope Benedict was a fine Pope, but wasnt very open.

I think 10 years from now Pope Francis will be admired and love just JP I would have been had he lived.

He can be “like” John Paul I without implying that their reigns are destined to be of similar length.

That’s how I took it anyway. :shrug:

One cannot look at his countenance, whether now and/or in his early priesthood, without sensing the air of sanctity. If this is your meaning, then yes, he is like JPII. Here’s a photo that shows the same serene “something” in his eyes.

It appears that I misunderstood you. My deepest apologies.:o

I, too, loved JPI.

Well when I heard what he told the College of Cardinals after being elected, I thought as you did:

The moment Cardinal Albino Luciani learned his colleagues had elected him pope, he responded: “May God forgive you for what you’ve done.” The remark, by the man who became Pope John Paul I, was seen as an expression of humility - but also a commentary on the mammoth task ahead.

Read more here: fresnobee.com/2013/03/11/3208145/heavy-workload-awaits-next-pope.html#storylink=cpy

And from yesterday:

Afterwards, the cardinals dined together “in a beautiful, fraternal meal” and toasted the new Pope. Dolan recalled that Francis then raised his glass to the cardinals and said, “May God forgive you!” which brought the house down.

Read more: nydailynews.com/new-york/dolan-delivers-emotional-conclave-recap-new-yorkers-gather-st-patrick-celebrate-article-1.1288044#ixzz2NXc4BHji

The more I hear and read about him, the more impressed I am with him as the leader we need now, Well done, Holy Spirit!

Me too, I’m excited. The best man for the job is the one who wants it the least. This is the first new pope since I started coming back to the church.

This reminds me. I’m sure Cardinal Marc Ouellet is relieved beyond belief! :smiley:

Can you imagine being the one behind the desk when he came to pay his bill? :eek:

Talk about the day at work you’ll never forget. :smiley:

Does that white cassock have pockets for a wallet? Given his penchant for being out among the people, they might have to redesign his clothing so he can carry his bus pass and Vatican Bank credit card! :smiley:

That’s how I took it as well.

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