Pope Francis: I didn't want the job

Per the Telegraph:

“Someone who wants to be pope does not really like themselves,” the pontiff said laughing, in answer to a child’s query during a question-and-answer session with Jesuit school students in the Vatican.

“I did not want to be pope,” he said.

His predecessor Benedict XVI once said he had prayed to God not to be elected pope but that “evidently this time he didn’t listen to me”.

Authentic humility is really nice…and all too rare.

In these trying times one must be bordering on insane to WANT to be Pope.

Indeed! What a tremendous responsibility.

I didn’t want the job

Maybe not, Your Holiness, but that could be precisely the reason why the Lord chose you. Reading the lives of the Saints, many were put in positions that they personally found undesirable and their sanctification came through a channel definitely not of their own making.

Heh, I don’t think you really need to tell him that; I’m sure His Holiness is quite aware of that and agrees wholeheartedly.

That, however, does not take away from the fact that he still didn’t want to be pope. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who would, honestly?

However, our Holy Father knows all about that “take up your cross and follow me” stuff, naturally. I hope that someday, I can live up to his example, somehow. His courage gives me courage.

Most of us even refused to become class prefects/monitors. Pope?! Please God no.

Hey, I wasn’t speaking to him - I was speaking to YOU! :smiley:

The papacy is the total opposite of the US presidency and American mindset.

That’s why they have the “Room of Tears” in the Vatican . . . God Bless Pope Francis! Our prayers will help give him strength! :slight_smile:

I am so glad that he was elected as Pope! What a great chap he is. God bless him

I can’t blame him one bit.

It’s probably been quite a while since any Pope has actually “wanted” the job.

Here’s an article with verbatim quotes, dated June 7th:


The use of the word “themselves” instead of “himself” in the translation is at least a bit weird.

(Just to be more explicit: The pronoun “se” in Italian (or in Latin) can mean “himself” or “herself” or “itself” or “themselves”. Which one should be used in a translation into English depends on the context.)

Pretty much total opposite of ALL people seeking election to some office in their respective countries. Got nothing to do with American or being US presidency.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard an elected official say they didn’t want the job! Bottom
line: if someone, secular OR religious, doesn’t want to be elected to something, then
they shouldn’t accept it! That’s my “two cents worth” for today, friends!

The weight on Francis’ shoulders is immense . It is a calling and sentence in a good way. Lutherans pray for Pope Francis :thumbsup:

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